iPhone 2019 Comes Without 3D Touch Technology

iPhone 2019 Comes Without 3D Touch Technology

It seems that the 3D Touch is a technology destined to disappear – or to change deeply – from the iPhone 2019, according to a new report released by the analyst Blayne Curtis of Barclays . According to the report – at the end of a long visit to some companies belonging to the Asian production chain of Apple – it seems that the 3D Touch will be totally abandoned by the home of Cupertino starting from the iPhone that will be distributed in 2019 .

The rumors for the 2018 models suggest that the model equipped with a 6.1 “LCD will not be equipped with 3D Touch, even if it is assumed that this move is due to the need to contain the production costs of this specific model, while it will be present on both devices with an OLED panel.

A few months ago, the hypothesis – by pen of Ming-Chi Kuo – circulated that Apple was willing to completely deprecate this function during the next year. Several indications of the abandonment of the 3D Touch have also emerged through the iOS 12 beta program , during which two important exclusive touch gestures of the 3D Touch have been remapped with the prolonged pressure of the display. Let’s talk about the possibility of moving the cursor on the keyboard and access to the Delete all entry in the notifications on the lock screen.

iPhone 2019 Comes Without 3D Touch Technology

It seems therefore that Apple is preparing to do without one of the less exploited hardware components introduced among the iPhone’s 10-year history. Presented in 2015 with iPhone 6s – but already anticipated in 2014 on Apple Watch – the 3D Touch promised to greatly expand the range of interactions that could be made with the multi touch display, thanks to the ability to recognize different levels of pressure.

A few years later, however, it seems that the iPhone 2019 could completely abandon this technology, even if it is not yet the last word, since the plans emerged have not yet been finalized completely and there may still be room for maneuver for an afterthought. Probably much will depend on the response that the general public will offer towards the 6.1 “model that will be presented in a few weeks.

There is also another possibility, namely that Apple is evaluating possible alternatives that allow to overcome the 3D Touch, reaching a possible evolution. One of these was suggested by the South Korean newspaper ETNews , which seems to suggest that the Cupertino house is working on the realization of a 3D interface based on the use of floating gesture .

This is the ability to detect the presence of fingers through a new version of the scanner used for authentication via Face ID. This, among other things, would eliminate the proximity sensor – which would be redundant – even if there are several doubts about different aspects, such as the high power consumption resulting from a constantly active 3D camera . In short, the possibilities are many and we just have to wait another year to find out what the destiny of 3D Touch will be.

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