How to Build high quality backlinks better than your competitors


On the internet everything is available, just search a little. It’s the same for the backlinks. Just use one of the many tools available to access the external links of any website. And even if there are advanced techniques (including cloaking) to hide its backlinks, its use remains marginal. Take advantage of your competitors’ list of backlinks to copy them or build high quality backlinks better!

Semrush an indispensable tool for SEO

Semrush is one of those few reference free SEO tools that are very reliable. To tell the truth, it is a multitude of tools that offer this site, but what interests us here are the way you can use semrush to build high quality backlinks. However, you must use a subscription to take advantage of all the options and disclose all the external links of a website. The free version is very limited, but at least allows you to discover all the power of Semrush.

Ahref to detect the backlinks of a site

This site has a huge database, so you can use it to access the list of sites of your choice. It is necessary to use a subscription in order to use it.

Majestic SEO, the most popular

Besides the fact that this site has one of the most complete databases, the advantage of using majestic seo is to be able to measure the power of links with metrics such as Trust Flow (quality of links) and Citation Flow (volume of links). The tool also allows you to identify the category of links through Topical Trust Flow. A paid but indispensable tool.

Seobserver for those who want the best

Seobserver is a very powerful French tool created by Kevin Richard. It’s sort of a Majestic SEO augmented, besides Seobserver is based on the API of Majestic SEO, but adds its own filters. The main function is to monitor the net linking of its competitors and their positioning to take advantage of what really works.

Spyglass Software

Seospyglass is a very interesting software, it makes it possible to make the list of the backlinks of a web site while classifying them by type. The tool also makes it possible to evaluate the risk of penalty linked to these links. The free version provides access to a lot of data but if you want to enjoy all the features, it will buy for $ 124 Available for download for Windows and Mac.


It’s the only one on this list that’s free. While the site is old, stuffed with ads and its database is not huge, but if you want to take a quick look at your competitor’s netlinking without spending a dime, you can resort to this site.

Use expired domain names

In recent years, it is a very fashionable technique and has proven itself. It’s quite simple, instead of spending months making links, you get an old domain and you immediately have a site with existing netlinking. I had already explained in detail how to take advantage of expired domains, so I will just list some tools to find these rare pearls.

Expired domains

Every day, expireddomains lists freshly expired domains. The site is totally free but you have to register to benefit from all the options. Sometimes the metrics are not very correct, but it is enough to have a first look.


Unlike the previous site, you must pay to be able to access lists of the latest available domains. However the interface is much more pleasant to use. The site is constantly updated, so spammed sites are daily removed from the list. It’s very convenient, is not it?



A very pleasant tool to use which allows to search among a list of domains expired according to several parameters and make a direct purchase. However, you must subscribe to access the list and use the different filters.

This software is a little different because it does not have ready lists, but instead will help you find your own expired domain names. Just enter a keyword or site to crawl and the tool does the rest. Unlike software like scrapebox you do not need to manage anything, everything is simple, everything is clear. The tool is paying, but it’s really worth it.

Footprints: follow the trail

Several techniques can allow us to follow the tracks left by the sites or the CMS to take advantage of it to create links. Following the footprint sometimes requires a lot of cunning and creativity. Here are some concrete examples, you play.


The netlinking is time consuming, buy backlinks

As you can see from this article, netlinking requires a lot of work.

So if you want to save time and focus more on developing your business then delegate the creation of backlinks .

Be careful not to go through low cost platforms (like Fiverr ) that will simply destroy your SEO with thousands of links of poor quality