Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Analysis – Download for Android/Ios smartphones.


The official game of Oliver and Benji: Captain Tsubasa Dream Team inspired by the anime series Champions is now available to download.The creation of games based on known franchises from other sectors such as film, literature or comics is common but not always have a new one that has not been used to turn it into a proposal.

One of the few that remained of the i0s was the anime series Captain Tsubasa, which in Spain we met with the name of Champions (one day we should talk about the custom homeland of changing titles for what we want). A few days ago we told you that the game had been presented for Android devices but was not in Spanish. Now it has been updated and we can already enjoy it in our language, something necessary because it could only be used in Japanese.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a title for mobile phones that offers an interesting mix of genres capable of engaging both football fans and those closest to the strategy of turn-based fighting. With a curious symbiosis and the search for various types of audiences, we are facing a commitment to nostalgia for the time and for innovation in playable aspects. In addition, we get converted to Spanish.

There are games that try to go to all possible genres. In the case of mobile phones, these sometimes present a limitation that makes it impossible to enjoy the content that would be desired in terms of quality. Instead, some companies resort to a more strategic and schematic style, and it is just what we find in Captain Tsubasa: a kind of mixture between the game of badges and a game “manager” in which we can give the orders that we see appropriate . But the best comes when, suddenly, we also have to deal with the interactions between players as if it were an RPG. In addition, all this after creating our own team.

In fact, to a large extent we can say that the “more direct” action system has reminded us of Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS. And now, we explain the latter: the game has two perspectives: the general field and the confrontation between players. In general, we see in a two-dimensional environment and with overhead view the players with the ball represented as circles with image. When a clash or interaction occurs, see a chute, a goal shot, a pass … all the important actions are recreated in 3D with cel shading style, which allows it to look like we see an authentic piece of Oliver’s anime and Benji. At that moment, the game unleashes its “RPG” aspect.

And is that the players have several conditioning when it comes to react. There are three actions (attacks we would say in any other genre), each with a few points depending on the skill of the player. But also, each one of them requires a quantity of energy, which is indicated next to the character and that goes down as we perform dribbling, shots or whatever he touches. We are going to try, by all means, not to run out of energy. At least not before activating the “ultra mode” and start acting in a way.

There is also the level of “affinity”: each player has a color symbol. The blue (remember it again in terms of Pokémon: “water”) can red (“fire”), this can green (“plant”) and this, closing the circle, can blue (water, new). It seems complex … and in fact it is, because as we go forward we realize the multiple options that we have when facing the rival. This affinity means that if the other user uses an attack (or defense) that defeats us, it is more likely to succeed. The same happens if we do it the other way around.

Once we are able to make decisions and translate them into players, everything will work well. But there are many conditioning factors, as always. Yes, we are moving forward, improving and rising in rank. At first we have access to the Stories, which are also divided into events and shared game (this once we join a Federation), when we reach the third, the Ligas mode and if we reach the seventh, the fun will begin with great force: unlock the online mode, where we will fight with other players of similar level to ours. But also, not everything is playing, we also have to take care of our players.

For this, we have a training mode, we can follow their evolution, make them improve their special techniques, modify them and in general, trade with them as if they were real. It will also be important to get some new ones and thus modify our alignment, to which player we put where … for this, we can acquire players with the game’s currency (be careful, there is also an option for micropayments). Once we get some as a gift of the game is on our own, we can integrate it into our lineup, where we will have active players and reserve (there are going to stop what we get).

Sometimes, our new additions come from the roulette that we can turn when we get the title currency for it (the dream balls); other times we can go to the store. The gameplay, beyond that, has no mystery. However, we can not deny that we are facing an extremely addictive and fun system. A kind of specific product for football fans but who want something different, with a rolero-strategic touch that makes the product vary head on what we are used to. By the way, our perseverance is rewarded by re-entering daily and playing. It’s worth it, if we think we’re frequent in the title.

Obviously we are not faced with a game simulator such as PES or FIFA or against an offer with a strategy linked to the current leagues. It is a more carefree and spectacular game (the fact that fire can be printed on a ball or that athletes jump dozens of meters already pointed in that direction).