Clean your files and maximize storage on android phones

Clean your files and maximize storage on android phones

The files you download, the photos you take and the data from your apps are real ogres of your space of storage on your Android device(phone,tablet ,etc). By cleaning up a few aspects, you can save space for system updates or install new applications. Here are some suggestions and tips for Clean your files and maximize storage on android phones.

Downloaded files

Your Android device contains a lot of personal data and information about you. In fact, most applications collect too much information that is stored on your device. Using a file manager, you can easily identify large and unneeded files and move them to your Google Drive or Dropbox account or just delete them. Most Android devices include a file manager and there are plenty of file management applications(Free or paid) on Google Play or any other app stores.

Among the applications, we recommend ES File Explorer and its main advantage is that you can synchronize its files on services like Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc. You can also use this application from the desktop by connecting your device to your computer and then,Clean your files and maximize your phone free space.


Depending on the characteristics of your android device camera, each photo on your phone can take at least 3 MB of your phone disk storage space. There are a few online services that can store your entire photo gallery or your personal images. And if you have copies on the cloud, then it’s better to delete the photos from the local device storage. If you do not want to put your photos on the cloud for privacy reasons, then you can also transfer them to your computer with a simple USB cable.

Application data

When you install new application, it will create a folder to store your personal preferences for that app. But in addition, smartphone applications also store cached data. For example, a video application will store the videos that you are looking at in cache and launch them faster next time. But we will not watch the same video several times in a row, so you can delete this cached data without any problem to increase your phone free space.

To delete the cache, you are offered 2 applications. The first is 1Tap Cleaner which is a Widget that removes all hidden cache files in one Tap. This application also displays the amount of cache available as well as the text logs. In addition, it also allows you to uninstall any apps without Google Play.

Clean Master also helps you to delete cached files and files that weigh more than 10 MB. It offers an option called Memory Boost that closes background applications that you do not use.