Download This Filter Convert Your Puppy Into a Beautiful Disney Character


Do you think your dog exudes so much tenderness that it would be able to melt the heart of the toughest?

We are sure so, but we also know that this filter could make things a lot easier, as it has the ability to turn your four-legged friend into the cutest Disney creature.

And the fact is that although we now use apps like Tik Tok or Instagram more frequently to put funny filters on our photos, the pioneer in these tools continues to work to make her platform more fun and now, it is easier for her to recognize the faces of the dogs.

In addition to having filters specifically for them, some others, designed for humans, can also detect their faces. One of them is Cartoon Face, which produces a hilarious result when you point the camera at your pet and it will immediately become a cartoon in the purest style of the Mickey Mouse company.

How to use the filter?

Too easy. All you have to do is, if you don’t have it on your smartphone, download the application from the App Store or from Google Play. Open it and it will ask you to register. Once the simple registration steps are finished, all you have to do is go to the menu that says “Discover”.

When you click it, it will make the search engine appear in which you must write the name of the filter, which we mentioned earlier. Just press it and it will appear ready in your camera, which you must point to the face of the pets.

Of course, as it is a filter that was not designed especially for pets, it may not recognize some of them, however, it is worth trying, because the results that are shared on social networks, such as those illustrated in this note, are hilarious and we are sure you want to see how your pet would look if it were drawn by that studio.