Facebook Account Closure, How to Destroy it ?

Facebook Account Closure, How to Destroy it
Facebook Account Closure, How to Destroy it

The hashtag “#deletefacebook” is currently on Twitter. This comes in response to the recent revelation that Cambridge Analytics data society has accessed private information from millions of Facebook users decided to make a step towered Facebook Account Closure . Facebook lost nearly 50 billion dollars, this data scandal is a serious matter.

This has raised new questions about how Facebook secures its users’ data and how potential bad apps can illegally obtain my data on Facebook by exploiting various flaws in Facebook’s business practices. As a result, many are wondering if they should abandon the social media giant for good.

However, Facebook deletion is not an option for everyone. For some, Facebook is the way they keep in touch with family and friends. Others use Facebook to keep in touch with social groups and organize events. With Facebook so entrenched in our daily lives, many find total abandon a pill hard to swallow. In addition to deleting your account, you can do a number of things to lock your profile, which will prevent your personal information from circulating in cyberspace so that everyone can see them.

Monitor third-party apps with access to your account

You may have noticed that when you sign up for a service like Spotify, they always give you the opportunity to connect with Facebook. Super convenient, no? One username and one password to remember. The disadvantage is that by using your Facebook credentials to connect to other services or websites, these services and websites have access to your entire Facebook profile. They have access to your profile and information even after they stop using the website or service, keeping an eye on you and your behavior. It makes you feel a little weird, is not it? Fortunately, you can check which third parties have access to your account and block them if necessary.

To see how many apps you’ve connected to your Facebook account:

  • Go to the Settings page and click on “Apps” in the left column.
  •  Select the services you want to delete at the top of the page.
  •  You can also disable them via “Applications, Website and Plugins> Edit”.

How to Limit what apps can see about me on Facebook?

Many Facebook users have played a game or participated in a quiz within the social media platform. Unfortunately, in doing so, you essentially granted permission to access your profile. If it sounds like an invasion of privacy just because you played Farmville once upon a time, shame. Buried in the usage agreements that no one wants to read are clauses that make their eyes prying completely legal.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it:

  • Go to “Settings” page of your profile.
  • Click on “Applications” in the left column.
  •  From there, click on “Other Applications”.
  • Choose what information these apps can access, such as your birth date, where you live, and your political views.

How to DEACTIVATE my Facebook account ?

If you like the idea of ​​deleting your Facebook account but can not press the trigger yet, there is another option. Disabling your account places it in a kind of suspended animation. When you deactivate your account, your timeline, profile, photos, and other content are hidden from the rest of the site. The main benefit of disabling your account is that you have the option to restore it if you choose to do so. In addition, you can still use the Messenger application even if your account is disabled or deactivated. This means that you will always be able to chat with your friends and family.

To disable your Facebook account:

  • Go to Settings page. From there, find the “Manage Account” option and click “Edit”.
  •  At this point, you should see other options, including “Disable your account.
  • Clicking on this will take you to the page you see above.
  •  You will have to explain to Facebook superiors why you do not want to participate in their ad revenue machine before you can click the “Disable” button.

How to disappear from Facebook and delete my account ?

If you are completely done with Facebook, you can delete your entire account. Know that deleting is a serious matter. You will not be able to reactivate your account or access your content or information. But hey, is not that the goal?

If you are determined to delete your Facebook account, be aware that there are a few things going on. First, the deletion is not instantaneous. When you tell Facebook that you want to delete your account, they delay this request for a few days, in case you change your mind. To replace the removal request, simply log in to your account.

Secondly, it takes about ninety days for all your information to be erased from Facebook. Fortunately, none of your information is available during this time. Finally, some information will remain accessible to other users. For example, other Facebook users will still be able to see the messages you have sent them, etc.

Of course, you can not click on the ads if you delete your account. As a result, Facebook does not exactly advertise as a legitimate option. That being said, it’s super easy. Sign in to Facebook and click this link to delete your account and say goodbye to Facebook for good.

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