SFR Mobile Most Common Problems,How To fix it ?

SFR Mobile Most Common Problems,How To fix it

Today, following technological advances, more and more high-end smartphones are entering the market. They always have new features and new applications very practical. Just like smartphones, mobile operators are currently numerous. There are several, including the mobile SFR , one of the major French mobile operators. It offers a variety of services and products such as telephone packages, television subscriptions and internet subscriptions. However, this red squared operator is not flawless. Indeed, sometimes some small failures appear. It can for example be some connection problems , the network problemsor blocked line problems. The causes of these malfunctions can be various. Fortunately, these small malfunctions can be corrected by simple gestures.

Your SFR Mobile can not start?

When you try to start your device with the SFR operator , this one will not start? Or do you have problems with your SFR  ? An error message is displayed on your device? In case of a startup problem , you must first determine the origin of your problem. To do this, remember to check the following:

  • Check the positioning of your SIM card . Indeed, a misplaced card can cause this dysfunction;
  • Check the status of your battery. It may indeed be that it is flat thus preventing the start of the device;
  • Remember to check the connection modes on your device: airplane mode or offline mode. Enabling these settings may be the cause of your problem. However, if everything works properly, the root of the problem could be caused by your SIM card or even your SFR 4G problem.
  • After restarting your device, messages like “PUK code”, “112” or “emergency only” appear?

Potential Solutions

Regarding the appearance of the message “PUK code”, know that it occurs when you entered the wrong code, and this, during all three attempts. As a result, your SIM is blocked and you need to call on SFR to fix it. To do this, you must go to its website. Thus, you will find your PUK code for unblocking your SIM card. However, do not be fooled when entering your code!

For other types of error messages, among others “emergency only” or “112”, to solve them, you only need to call on SFR mobile customer service . A professional can advise you and help you directly.

Solutions for suspending your line

The suspension of your Phone line is very embarrassing especially if you can not do without it or if you need it for your business. Nevertheless, several reasons can explain why your phone line. This situation occurs in case of theft, unpaid invoice or if you have exhausted your mobile plan. So many situations that can cause the suspension of your line.

Possible solutions

Rest assured ! The suspension of your telephone line is not final? For each of these cases, you can find appropriate solutions:

  • When you are faced with theft, you must quickly suspend your phone line to avoid malicious use. Also, to reactivate your device, a call to SFR customer service is enough.
  • For a suspension due to a delay of invoice, the solution is to regularize your situation. To do this, simply go to your SFR customer area and pay all bills late. You also have another possibility, you can call 06 1000 1963.
  • In case of problem of exhaustion of package , it is enough to reload it by simply calling 952 or 0811 900 952 from a mobile or a fixed.

Impossibility of having networks in France

Do you have a network problem on your mobile device  ? You do not capture it while you are in France? If so, two possibilities may explain your difficulty in having a network. It is possible that :

  • Your device does not pick up the SFR network due to saturation.
  • After problems like bad weather, the SFR network is unavailable.
    Potential Solutions.

In case of network problem , the first thing to do is to consider your location. So, you have to look at your SFR cover card from the SFR cover page in your area. You will find there if there is a possible failure on the network of your operator. You will also find the different parts where the network of this operator is unavailable. It may be that you are in one of its parts, that explains your problem. Rest assured, in such situations, your operator will take care of rectifying the problem as soon as possible.

In case your mobile does not pick up the network due to saturation of the network or because of the distance between the antennas of the network and your phone. To get out of this situation, it is necessary to migrate to an area covered by the network of your operator SFR.

SFR network problems Outside France

You have moved abroad, however, you are unable to take full advantage of your device due to a network problem? You are unable to capture your carrier’s network from abroad? This situation is very embarrassing while traveling abroad gives you so many benefits. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stress, the problem can be solved easily.

Proposed solutions

In case of SFR problem abroad , you must practice the following tips:

  • Activate the automatic mode of your device.
  • Activate the option “Travel SFR – Communicating from abroad”
  • To use your device abroad, you should also check your mobile plan. If you have an iPhone, go to your device settings and uncheck the “EU Internet” option.
  • If despite all these checks, your problem persists, for more advice, it is necessary to use the assistance page of SFR.

You can not make calls from SFR mobile?

You urgently need to call one of your contacts, however, you can not do it from your mobile. This problem can come from either your phone or your SIM card. In case of misplaced card, it will not be detected by your device. Which is why you can not make or receive calls. Cutting your line as a result of a voluntary suspension or a depleted consumer credit may also be the cause of your problem.

Possible solutions

To fix this malfunction, you must check some points and perform some operations:

  • Start by turning off and then turning on your device while making sure that you have a proper battery for this restart. If the problem comes from your phone or your card , a reboot allows you to fix it.
  • Check the location of your SIM card. In case of misplacement, your SIM card will not be found by the device. So, put it back in place and position the good.
  • Check certain parameters of your device. Make sure you do not enable airplane mode and offline mode. If they are enabled, your device will not detect the SFR network . As a result, you can not make or receive calls.
  • If the problem is also with your device, consider removing it and inserting it into another device. If it works properly, you need to repair your device. However, if it does not work, it’s your SIM card that causes it. It is therefore necessary to replace it with your mobile operator SFR  .
  • For the cut of your line following a depletion of your credit of consumption, to be able to emit again calls, it is enough just to proceed to the recharge of your credit SFR Mobile.
  • In the case of suspensions made voluntarily, its return to service by SFR can be done within 2 hours, and this, just by contacting the customer service of it. After these two hours, you can enjoy all the features offered by your operator.
  • In case of suspension made by SFR following the non-indication of your details within 15 days of obtaining your number, your line has been cut and you will not be able to make calls. So, to fix this problem, you must provide all the information, all your details to the managers of this mobile operator.


Problems using your device after buying your mobile at SFR

You just bought your device from the operator SFR red square, but many applications do not work  ? It is the same for its reactivation. After reactivating your line with this operator, you found that nothing works? If this is the case, your problem may come from the activation time of the line.

Proposed solution

Rest assured ! The solution to this problem is very simple. All you need to do is arm yourself with patience. Indeed, the commissioning of a new mobile with this operator can take 2 hours. In case of reactivation of your line by SFR mobile , it also takes 2 hours for everything to work properly. Also, in both cases, wait for about 2 hours before enjoying the device and make calls. If no change has been found, you must call the operator’s service department.

Problems of connection to the mobile Internet of SFR

As a subscriber to this red-squared operator, you can face problems with mobile internet connection . This will prevent you from enjoying all the features for your internet. This malfunction can cause a network malfunction, a problem of another operator or a suspended line. It is also possible that the speed of your connection to the Internet of SFR is very slow. All these disadvantages will prevent you from taking full advantage of your device, so it is necessary to repair them quickly.

Potential Solutions

To solve your difficulties, you can perform these few manipulations and tips:

  • For a slow connection or a bad connection, it is best to consume by turning off your mobile device and then restarting it. A restart often fixes malfunctions on your mobile.
  • If the restart did not work, you should know that the problem may be a certain incompatibility between your mobile and your operator. Indeed, your device may come from another operator than SFR. So, it is perfectly normal that you can not access your mobile internet by SFR. Do not panic, to remedy this, you just have to configure the settings of your mobile SFR APN . Once the change is made, you can enjoy your mobile internet again.
  • Following bad weather, the SFR network in your area has been disrupted and subsequently you have also had access to your internet with SFR mobile . In this case, remember to consult the network coverage map of this operator. For bad weather, you can also contact the customer service of it or visit his site.
  • For a slow connection speed, the first thing to do is to check your data. Be aware that if you exceed the data threshold for your mobile internet connection, it is slowed down or cut off. The same is true for network incidents. Then you must consult the network coverage of your area.
  • When you buy a new SFR SIM card, the changes are not effective immediately. That’s why you can not access the internet. It takes 2 hours for everything to be put into service. You must therefore be patient before enjoying all the features of your operator.
  • If you have suspended your line, your internet access will also be suspended. Because of this, you must re-enable it before you can enjoy this connection again.
  • The setting of your mobile can also be the cause of your difficulties in accessing the internet. You may have activated Offline or Airplane mode. So make sure the automatic mode of your network is activated. To do this, simply go to the Settings or Settings menu on your mobile device.
  • If, however, none of these solutions worked for the resolution of your internet connection problems with this operator with the red square, it is better to call on SFR customer service.

RED by SFR network problems

Do you have network problems with RED by SFR  ? Your line is not working properly? You are unable, therefore, to take full advantage of the features of your device? There are several reasons for your network problems. However, you can fix them easily.

Potential Solutions

To solve your network problem on your mobile line , you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Start by connecting from a computer in WiFi.
  2. Go to your customer area.
  3. Check for a network problem in your area.
  4. If this is not the case, consider the settings of your mobile.

To set up your mobile from Android:

  1. Go to the “Settings” or “Settings” option;
  2. Enter “More Networks” or “Mobile Data”;
  3. Then select “Mobile networks”
  4. Choose “Access Point Names”

For problems with dropped calls or slow connection:

  • Remember to check the incidental network incident;
  • If there are no problems, set your device. To do it from Android:
    Enter in “Settings” or “Settings”;
  • Select the option “Mobile data” or “More networks” then “Mobile networks”;
  • Enter “Network Mode” and select 3G / 2G.

If you own an Iphones:

  • Select “Settings”, “Cellular Data” and then “Voice and Data”:
  • Enter 3G
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