Download And Fix Whatsapp Plus crashing and Stopped Working?


We all love to chat,Sending and receiving Photos,Exchange Media and make free phone calls. and whatsapp is one of the most popular social apps all over the world ,it is available with a beautiful design and easy user interface (UI) ,works on android,iOS,and most operating systems.unfortunately sometimes this wonderful app crash,So how to fix whatsapp crash issues? How to solve Whatsapp not responding and Stopped Working?

Due to the incredible number of whatsapp users(Over than 2 billion daily active users),some of them face various problems when using it,So,what exactly these whatsapp problems ?and why they may lead to app crash or not responding troubles?we promise to answer these questions in deep discussion through this article,and we are going to show you different ways to how exactly you can fix and manipulate whatsapp major problems,So keep READING.

In this article we are going to show you some examples of these problems and of course their solutions,So,once you have completed reading this topic you will be able to address and fix all the problems you will encounter while using this wonderful application.

The instructions below will help you when you face any common whatsapp problem ,so give us some attention.

Common whatsapp problems on android and how to fix it :

We all know that Android the mobile operating system , a kind of platform that updates regularly on a steady basis, bringing a new features and good improvements that amaze and attract more and more users, trying to make its audience happy and feel safeوBut unfortunately despite all efforts and improvement that Android always makes,still cannot be free of problems.

Many Android users are facing troubles while installing and using their favorite apps,for example, whatsapp application .Here are some common issues and its solutions to help those users fix whatsapp most Common troubles .

Whatsapp crashes :

A widespread problem that users often complain is Whatsapp crashes. Which means that the application is being closed automatically without prior warning.

Why my whatsapp still crashing on startup?.

Sometimes whatsapp crashes on startup After updating latest versions,other times it crashes when you are installing the app on your device,So how to fix whatsapp crashes on startup?what you have to do in this case?.

First of all,There are four types of failure causes whatsapp crashes , These types which has been recognized by the feedback of users are :

  • WhatsApp stops at 100 optimizing process and cannot open the app.
  •  WhatsApp crashes and shut down automatically when I try to open the application.
  •  WhatsApp crashes when loading earlier messages.
  •  WhatsApp abnormally shut down and I cannot figure out why.

Sometimes you have to restart whatsapp dozens of times before it runs in aright way,it will work at the end.

What to do to fix this type of whatsapp crashes :

  • First,Close the application from the task bar,then open the whatsapp application and wait until it load and close it again , then repeat that until it works .
  • Reinstalling whatsapp..the easiest way to fix whatsapp crash trouble is to eliminate it and reinstall it again ..of course you have to back up before removing it to avoid losing information .
  • Sometimes whatsapp crashes during updating the latest version:in that case the problem may be the type of the installed file does not suit the operating system of your phone . So if step 1 and 2 does not work, you have to upgrade your device operating system,then update the latest version of whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp crashes when you are trying to make a conversation with a specific contact:Delete the image you have set for this contact in your phone book..and you may need to delete all the images in your phonebook .

Why does my Whatsapp keep crashing?

Many times when Whatsapp is running slow for you, it has nothing to do with the app, and everything to do with your connection.

If your internet connection is weak and not proper for whatsapp it won’t work  as you want , it won’t allow you to load pictures,messages or videos , and it won’t allow you to send photos and messages .

How to fix this Whatsapp stopped working problem ?

  • Make sure of the strength of your WI-fi network connection
  • Activate your airplane mode and the deactivate it  to be sure you have a secure connection .
  • You need to keep your background data on your device active and not restricted .

whatsapp crashed after installing Facebook app

in some rare cases,It’s possible that whatsapp crash happens after downloading and installing Facebook. If you have synced your contact between the address book of your device and Facebook,the possibility of crashing whatsapp will rise.

You should disable the Facebook and Facebook photo sync first. Then find the upload and contact option and turn off the green button .

Update whatsapp for the latest version

Old version of whatsapp can cause the application to stop working, keeping your phone updated with the latest version of the operating system is very important step to be in the safe side and avoid future troubles.

If you didn’t updated your phone operating system and applications,there will be a chance to have a bug,which will make your whatsapp crash.So you can avoid this and fix whatsapp troubles by installing the latest version .

Download Link

whatsapp could not recognize your contact

Why is my WhatsApp not sending messages?Sometimes whatsapp could not recognize your contact. Many users are facing this trouble that they couldn’t identify the contact and they tried many ways to solve this problem without any success.

To avoid this problem do the following steps:

  • Ensure that you have added the right contact number.
  • Ensure that all your contacts are visible in your contacts list.
  • Ensure that contacts group are set to ‘visible’ and kept ‘viewable’ in your contacts list.

Whatsapp keep hanging and freezing on android,How to fix in easy Step-by-step Guide ?

Whatsapp may hang and freeze while scrolling and this of course bothers you,To fix this issues you should back up your data first:

  • Go to (Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations).
  • Clear all the data (Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear data.).
  • Restart whatsapp and this will fix the problem .

If the problem still there try the following method ,Enable the Force GPU Rendering under developer options. This should smoothen the scrolling on Whatsapp.

If it this way  does not work and the problem still there upgrade whatsapp to the latest version.

The solution for “Whatsapp failed out of memory please try again later”

A common error you can face when trying to send pictures in whatsapp. Or when you try to change your profile photo. You don’t have to reset your phone or format your SD card to solve this memory problem.

Sometimes it occurs because the phone could not synchronize data with SD card so you just need to restart your phone to end any program that have taken over all the memory of the phone .

If the Whatsapp program folder is in the SD card (path: /mnt/sdcard), it will be wise to unmount the SD card, waiting for some few seconds or minutes and reinserting it into the device.You can also reduce the resolution of the pictures or delete all pictures from the whatsapp folder .

This all the problems  that make  may make a whatsapp user upset when chatting, and we tried to list them all helping you to fix whatsapp troubles.If you found an unlisted issue please write to us and help to improve this article .

To not forget,Try to download the latest version of whatsapp from here