Top 21 Free SEO Tools to improve website Google rank


As you are a SEO specialist or a website owner definitely you need this free SEO tools .Free is awesome. Especially when that “free” whatever is giving you extra traffic, money, rank, and reputation. there are a ton of free SEO tools that i want to give you a go-to collection of the top free SEO tools. These are intuitive  and powerful.



first of all these free tools for SEO is the Google Keyword Planner ,This is probably the most useful and powerful tool for your website SEO to improve your content developing strategy.

The Google Keyword Planner is an extension of Google AdWords that lets you know the number of monthly searches for an expression(keyword) done by users through the internet. You will get great ideas for specific keyword to use in your semantic cocoon and topics to discuss in your future blog posts. You can also use filters by city, region, country, and even by the language used.

The free version gives a range of search volume, only the paid version will allow you to obtain accurate data. To do this, you will need to launch a Google AdWords campaign first.but now you still able to use the free version.



Ubersuggest is a super keyword generator and very useful for working on the long tail keywords of your SEO. It will help you discover what your audience is looking for, all in alphabetical order.


Rather unfamiliar, but still great, Answer The Public lets you know what questions your audience is asking based on your chosen keyword.this tool will give you tons of suggestions which is very useful and helpful for you to make your strategy .


Find out what is the most popular content on social is a great and powerful free SEO tool you must try.


Listen to the web and social networks and find out who’s talking about your brand, your products, and your competitors. The data collected will allow you to improve your offer and engage with your audience to improve and maximize them.


A free Web notification tool, OneSignal is perfect if you are looking for an alternative way to emailing to stay connected with your visitors or customers.

You have just created a new article? Easily notify users on your opt-in list in just a few clicks directly in their browser or smartphone.



Managing your social networks can become a real headache and take a lot of time if you do not have dedicated software like HootSuite.

Hootsuite simplifies your community management work. It makes it easy to publish and schedule posts on all your social networks, from the same place. It is also possible to work on engaging your audience by doing keyword monitoring and other great options.The coolest part of all this is that Hootsuite is free for 1 user and 3 social profiles.


Save time! Feedly allows you to have all your favorite blogs and news sites in one place.

Great practice for competitive intelligence but also for curation of content on your social networks (even more powerful if you use it in combination with HootSuite and Sniply!).


To be visible on social networks, you have to be very active. One of the tips is to curate content (share content written by others). Some will tell me that they do not want to send a visitor to a site other than theirs. This is where Sniply comes in.

Thanks to Sniply, you can add a personalized message to the articles you share to encourage visitors to come to your site. Magic !

And the best for last, it’s free up to 1000 clicks! I imagine that will be more than enough for most of you.


Have you ever wondered how your visitors use your site? Your visitors are a gold mine and can teach you a lot about your website.

Hotjar allows you to set up a heatmap, video record a user’s session and even analyze your conversion tunnels. All in a simple access interface.
The data collected will help you improve the user experience.


Ahrefs is one of my favorite free SEO tools. It helps to better understand why your competition appears higher than you in the search results, in order to put in place the ideal strategy to overcome them.

  • Analysis of the competition
  • Search for keywords
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Content search
  • SEO ranking tracking
  • Web monitoring

It brings together all the tools to develop a ripping content strategy.


Essential tool of SEO paraphernalia, Screaming Frog will allow you to perform a technical audit of your site by analyzing many elements:

  • Title tag
  • Meta-description
  • H1
  • Alt Text
  • Redirection chain
  • Broken links
  • Pages in 404
  • And more


HelloBar is a tool that facilitates the creation of popup. Add the script in the header tag of your site and create your first popup.

For example, you can:

  • Promote your last offer
  • Encourage visitors to call you
  • Get more emails in your opt-in list
  • Have more “I like”


SEO Tools is a plugin for Excel that allows you to obtain various information directly from your website in an Excel file. It is very useful when working on a big site.


One and only service to check and analyze the positions of your website. For me, it’s the best value for money on the market, with a package starting at just 5 € / month for 50 keywords.


Optimize is the free AB testing tool built into Google. Just like Optimizely, you can create variations of your page by editing certain graphic elements, text, prices and more.

It is a scientific way to approach the user experience and the design, finished the subjective comments such as “I like this color”, make room for the arguments “using this color, the conversion rate is X% more important than with this one. ”

When your test is created, Optimize will distribute the content to your audience and give you important information about the performance of each version.

If you want to get started in optimizing the user experience, this is the ideal tool.


If you need to create landing page quickly, Unbounce is definitely a tool you should know. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create and publish your landing pages in the blink of an eye.


Spelling and grammar checker, perfect for detecting mistakes in your blog posts.


Good visuals are essential to convey your messages effectively. Pixabay is a very good site where you will find visuals of good quality, free and free of rights.



WP Webinar is an easy-to-use plugin for creating your automatic Webinars or live on WordPress. Apart from Google Hangout and Skype, WPWebinar is the most affordable solution on the market.


When you’re driving a marketing strategy, what you need is visibility. An analysis report can help understand trends, what works, and what does not work.

With Google Data Studio, you can easily create your dashboards by aggregating various data and easily share it with your colleagues.

Google analytics  is normally known to everyone. It is the essential tool to understand what is happening on your website.

From the number of visitors to their demographic, geographic and behavioral data, this tool can tell you a lot about your audience.

And besides, it’s free.

I hope this article has helped you in your conquest of the web. Note that these tools are the ones I use most often, but there are hundreds of others very interesting. By the way, what are your favorite free SEO tools?