Full Guide: How to Use iPhone SOS emergency contact help function?

How to Use iPhone SOS emergency contact help function

There is an old saying: not afraid of 10,000, the most fearful. “In case” is a very mysterious situation, because it is sudden and unpredictable, so we can only take a lot of preparations to avoid risks as much as possible, and save ourselves when risks occur. We all know that the first thing to do when encountering personal danger is to call the police. But what if you can’t call the phone? At this time, the iPhone SOS function for help is awesome.

Apple mobile phone emergency help function use method

SOS emergency contact is a feature of the iOS10 system. When an emergency occurs, this feature allows you to quickly call for help (110, 119, 120 for calls in China). In addition, you can also add an emergency contact on the iPhone. After the emergency call is over, the iPhone will use SMS to remind your emergency contacts and send location information. Unless you choose to cancel, the iPhone will always send updates to your emergency contacts based on your real-time location changes. PS: Even if you turn off the phone’s location feature, the system will temporarily turn it on.

How to Use iPhone SOS emergency contact help function

How to use the iPhone for emergency calls

With the SOS emergency contact function, the phone must be updated to iOS11 or above (in theory, iOS10 can also be used, but the function is not perfect, it is recommended to be iOS11 or above), and the emergency call activation methods of different devices are different. The calling method for iPhone 7 and earlier models is “Continuously press the power button 5 times”; the calling method for iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is “press and hold the side button and any volume button until SOS appears. Emergency contact page.” Once the phone pops up the page, simply swipe the SOS emergency contact slider to the right. On the Apple Watch, you can do this by pressing and holding the power button. However, if you want to use your watch for help, you must connect your phone or activate the cellular network function.

SOS emergency contact setup tips

If you want to further improve the efficiency of the call, you can also open the “auto call” function. After turning this feature on, you only need to activate the SOS emergency contact function, and the phone will automatically call for help without sliding the slider. Operation method: “Settings” – “SOS Emergency Contact” – “Auto Call”.

How to Use iPhone SOS emergency contact help function

However, it should be noted that after the “Auto Call” function is enabled, the countdown warning tone will be turned on by default. That is, the mobile phone will sound an alarm and count down before calling for help. In some cases, the alarm sound of the mobile phone seems to be inappropriate, so this function Can be closed properly. Operation method:

  • Settings” – “SOS Emergency Contact”.
  • “Countdown Warning Tone” is selected to be off.

How to add an emergency contact

For emergency contacts, you can choose to add or delete in the “Health” app or in the SOS Emergency Contact Settings page.

In addition to the iPhone, mainstream Android phones also support emergency contact functions.

In fact, in addition to the Apple mobile phone, the current mainstream domestic mobile phones also have similar functions, We are going  to share with you:

  • Samsung mobile phone: interest screen state mobile phone for help, open the entrance: search for “SOS” in the settings
  • Xiaomi mobile phone: family guardian, open the entrance: “safety center” – “family guardian”
  • Meizu mobile phone: family guardian. Open the entrance: “Settings” – “Lab” – “Family Guardian”
  • Huawei mobile phone: emergency contact. Open the portal: Search for “emergency” in the settings
  • For mobile phones without emergency contact, you can use an app called “Fear”