How To Download YouTube videos in the official application – Android/IOS


Youtube is without a doubt the most important application in the world to consume videos. It is true that it is not a streaming platform for movies and series like HBO or Netflix but the communities that have been created around it have no competition. Only Twitch seems to spare him in the gaming section.

But that a platform is important worldwide implies that there are many countries, cultures and situations in which it is key. That is why the YouTube service does not behave the same in all markets.

If we say that on YouTube there is everything, in the wide spectrum of the word, we would not be wrong a bit: we can see anything. Personal videos, tutorials, broadcasts, movies that have not yet been released … It’s just a matter of searching for the content and hoping that YouTube has not deleted it. Then watch the video. Or listen to the podcast …

The application we are going to talk about is an audio extractor or video to sound converter, but it goes far beyond allowing the download of music (which also). What does PodTube do? It is an app that converts YouTube videos and channels into podcasts; in this way we can listen to the videos instead of viewing them. And we will have channel synchronization to subscribe to your content just like with a podcast client.

A comfortable podcast manager applied to YouTube

PodTube is an application that is not in the Google Play Store and, moreover, it has only been in development for a short time. This is noticeable in the interface since it is not as visual as it should be, but it is functional: the application does what we are looking for without flinching. And what are we looking for? Have the audio of the videos and manage the channels to download the sound that they generate.

PodTube has a simple menu and a more complete one that we reveal by clicking on “Hide config UIs”. If we want to extract the audio from a video, we only need to copy the URL of the browser and paste it where it says “Download a single video”. PodTube will analyze the video and download only the audio. Preferably MP3 and best quality, but you may need to download the Wav if you cannot find another available audio file.

Deploying the complete interface we reveal the most powerful option of the application: «Channel list». Here we can add all the YouTube channels that we like the most to download the audio, or podcast, of the latest additions. Just put the channel URL after pressing the “+”. It will be our podcast list.

How to search for new podcasts on the added YouTube channels? By clicking on «Download podcasts«. The application will analyze the channels in search of new videos; and if you find them you will download them in audio adding them to our list of downloaded podcasts. Then we just have to play them by accessing the “Video list”. Click on any one and the audio will be opened in our default music application.

Download PodTube in Apk form

This YouTube application in podcast format is a development of MikeDev_. You can download it from this Google Drive file. If you want to know more about it, you can read the thread that is open in XDA Developers. It is a clean application, it lacks permissions more than the essential ones, it has no ads and it does not cost any money either.

Downloading videos from YouTube is something that many users look for to be able to see their favorites even when they do not have a nearby Wi-Fi connection and it is that there are many countries in which it is not viable to use the data to watch videos for the rates that apply. For this reason, in some, such as India, YouTube allows videos to be downloaded with the official application.

More countries in the list of those who can download YouTube videos

Now the platform is expanding the countries in which this operation is feasible. Some users in the Middle East, such as those in Lebanon, are seeing how a new option appears in each of their videos, which allows them to click to download it in the resolution they want.

Also in the lower area we have a new icon, the library icon, where we can manage our downloads.

Of course, some videos do not allow downloading, such as music video clips. The reason is not giving the record companies reasons to remove those videos from the platform.