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If you want to make a group WhatsApp video call it is now easier than ever. The application has added a new button for groups of 4 people.

In these days of confinement due to the coronavirus, video calls have become a fundamental part of our social relationships. Being in contact with our loved ones and being able to see them through the mobile screen is today a better alternative to traditional messaging or voice calls.

There are tons of applications to make video calls, Skype being the most veteran solution and alternatives like Google Duo or Zoom as the ones that are growing the most. Another alternative that is also proving to be very practical is WhatsApp, which has announced some changes to make its platform continue to grow.

WhatsApp video call button reaches groups

WhatsApp has announced a new feature for its messaging app that makes communications easier than ever. The function is as simple as bringing direct access to the video call button that was already in individual chats to groups.

The function has its catch, that if, and it is that they have only implemented it in groups of 4 people or less. The reason is due to a limit in the WhatsApp application itself, which does not allow video calls with more than 4 people at a time.

By pressing the button, we will call all the members of the call directly. What if my group is more than 4 people? The WhatsApp call button still exists as a shortcut. If we click on it, we can select up to 3 people from the group and make a call or video call.

The truth is that the novelty comes at a good time, since WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging application. However, the novelty seems scarce if we consider that Google Duo increased its video calls a few days ago to allow up to 12 people.

Viruses for WhatsApp and scams: these are the most dangerous

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps today and therefore, it is not free of viruses. In fact, given its great popularity, many take advantage to distribute all kinds of viruses or malwares through their platform, thus stealing the information of their victims and even violating their integrity.

In this sense, so that you do not fall into one of the scams and become one more, in this article we will show you the most common viruses and scams for WhatsApp groups and how to detect them.

Viruses can seem harmless in a simple image or links, but if you do not want to have security or privacy problems, you should pay attention to this article.

Know the viruses for the most dangerous WhatsApp groups

Being attacked by a virus on WhatsApp is becoming easier, so it is necessary to be aware of the content we receive and share, especially in groups. These are some of the most frequent forms of scams by WhatsApp:

Congratulations! You have won a grand prize

One of the most common forms of scams by this means is with a link that contains a curious fact, a false news or even, an offer or draw which we have won without even participating.

And, once the user clicks on it, malware that damages the phone is downloaded to the device.

Download the pending update

Another modality is the famous “Pending update” that invites the user to download new WhatsApp software because its use will no longer be free and as a consequence the theft of personal information such as bank details occurs.

Lucky device

It is one of the newest forms of scams for WhatsApp, especially in groups. In this case, the user is added to a group called “WhatsApp” where he immediately receives a notification that was added by an unknown prefix number +44.

Then the number sends you a message congratulating you on winning an award. To claim it, it is necessary to access the link and provide personal data, which is stolen for malicious purposes.

ZooPark steals your photos

From its origins, this virus has been dedicated to stealing contact information from the infected device; However, it later evolved making it possible to access all the information on the mobile, from private WhatsApp conversations, to gallery information and browsing history.

Record calls and spy conversations

Surely at some point you heard about Tizi, a virus that spies on Android users to steal information from this and other apps.

Although it is quite old, it is still working and can record our calls, messages and all the history of the apps on the phone.