How Do Bloggers Make Money From Blogging online ?

Money From Blogging online

Generally, a personal blog is the result of a passion or a strong interest for a particular field. But even if the a few Bloggers do this as a part of a hobby,others blogging for money,because they invest a lot of time, efforts and energy in their project or websites. This investment can become profitable and it is possible for you too to make money,But how do bloggers make money from Blogging ?

There are many possibilities to earn money online from your Blog just like thousands of bloggers. This first part presents the foundations of a commercial blog and exposes the main sources of income for bloggers.

A personal blog does not necessarily generate big profits from the start, even if it is professional. Behind this new business which meets a great success often hides a fairly consistent time-consuming activity.So, If you want to create a professional blog and earn from your site, you have to be patient.

Indeed, making a profitable blog is neither easy nor fast. Professionalism and discipline are the conditions of putting if you want to make money with a blog. But that’s not always enough to find a place in the coveted Web market.

Identify a niche or Keyword for Your Blog:

A common misconception among private bloggers who try to make their content profitable is not to focus on a specific keyword(Keyword Research). It is however more interesting from a strategic point of view and to keep a motivation intact to define a specific keyword that you will treat and that you are passionate about.

As soon as a blog is created , it is important to identify a niche area that is of particular interest to you; you will be able to reach a specific target and build a solid base of loyalty readers. It is this particular target that is lucrative for advertisers. Indeed, these advertisers will for example opt for the placement of an advertising banner on your blog. Target group segmentation plays a very important role for businesses, including providing targeted advertising placement as part of an affiliate marketing strategy.

How to Generate traffic ?

Among the standard advertisements in the field of printing, the value of the advertising placement is determined according to the number of prints. It’s different in the blogosphere: the determining factor is traffic- related generated by the contents. For many advertisers on the Web, it’s not worth paying for an ad placement on a blog that has only a hundred visitors a day. But this is not an absolute truth.

For some companies a reduced readership can be interesting, especially if the audience reached is very specific and segmented. In general, the traffic generated is a decisive criterion in the areas of cost-per-click (CPC) and affiliate marketing. But generating significant traffic on blog can only be possible if you demonstrate endurance and commitment.

NOTE:You have to know how to conquer your readers, by being consistent and by publishing current and relevant fresh content. Only with a solid base of loyal readers you can you make money from Blogging. In this context, accommodation should be specified. If you have commercial ambitions, then it is advisable to seriously consider the issue of hosting for your blog.

The importance of the network between bloggers
Networking between bloggers is a sine for the success and relevance of any blog. This is why you sometimes have to put aside your competitive spirit and create links to other pages of blogs related to the topics covered . Regardless of whether you are sharing an article or being quoted.

links offer you a double advantage:

  • your readers appreciate this enriching “service”. Generally, they do not leave the page of your blog to go to the site to which you have inserted a link. Rather than worry about losing this readership, bet on attractive content by sharing the content of your friends.
  • Google evaluates the quality of links that you insert on your blog (as well as that of your links backlinks or backlinks ). This good process exchange is positively calculated by Google’s algorithm, and improves your SEO in the search results .

How do bloggers make money online ?,In other words ,What are the most common sources of income for bloggers? Discover in this first part how to monetize your blog, and in the second part how to indirectly generate profits without having to do advertising placement.

1-Direct marketing

Direct marketing allows bloggers to rent advertising space to advertisers on their website or blog. This space can become very profitable if you manage it independently, that is to say without using online services like AdSense, because all the profits come back to you then directly. But this independent management is also synonymous with more work, especially for the acquisition of new partners on the Web.

In practice, blogs can display the fact that they have available advertising space, and gather all the necessary information (media data, price of ads, availability …) .

2-Sponsored articles

With infomercials (or advertorials ), bloggers can make profits through editorial content and not through advertising. For this, the blogger publishes an article on his Blog about something, a particular product or a predefined subject, or takes an article written by a company or agency.The scope of the blog, the traffic it generates and the relevance of the topics determine the amount of the remuneration.

In many marketing agencies, cooperation with bloggers are now the norm. But it’s often difficult for professional bloggers to find the right balance between sponsored articles and natural content.

Note:Sponsored articles must be marked as such. The blogger is paid to write an article more or less directly for a product, service or company. If he does not mention it, then it is disguised advertising which is prohibited by law.

3-Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, it’s all about word of mouth. Registration is usually free for bloggers on partner programs. Bloggers get a provision when a reader clicks on the link of the article or service that has been recommended on the blog. This intermediation provision averages 3 to 10% following the conclusion of the contract. The most popular intermediation agents are Affilinet , and Amazon’s partner program.

4-Click advertising (CPC)

Cost-per-click (CPC) ads are a good way to easily place advertising on your page. The most known online service for this type of ads is by far Google AdSense .

With cost-per-click ads, advertising content is related to the keyword of the website . Compensation is calculated based on the number of clicks. Because of this, the more traffic a blog has, and the more cost-per-click ad integration should be profitable for the blogger.

In recent years, banners and direct ads have probably become the best way to regulate and provide a source of income for bloggers. But there are other ways to make money and make a blog profitable.

5-Marketing your own products

A blog that offers quality content can easily market products or services. Bloggers use their expertise on a certain area to offer product or service offerings to their readers. As a freelancer (for example as a photographer or web designer), it is possible to post articles that affect your business, to better offer professional services thereafter.

6-Make available paid content

Another option to make money from blogging is to make paid access to certain content (integration of Paywalls , literally “pay wall” in English). In this case, it is necessary to return part or all of the access to a paid site or blog.

The paid content is a common funding model among the magazines or newspapers, which often offer packages of monthly subscription to have free access to the entire contents.

Generally, a number of articles are available for free to engage the reader. Then use a Plugin  like Tinypassit to set up paid access for certain articles on WordPress. Another option is to create a closed and paid group, accessible only to members ( premium content ).

7-Funding from donations

Blogs can also be funded by donations from visitors, by incorporating a donation appeal but to do that you have to ask readers to financially support your blog.Unlike the model with paywalls , all content is here open access. Service providers make it easy to process donations .

Note:If you want to make money with blog by having a PayPal account, it is possible to create an individual donation button directly on the official website of online payment service .

8-Selling links

One last possibility to earn money through a website is to sell links. Selling and renting links is the main source of profit for bloggers and website administrators because these links are not marked or marked as advertising .

The main disadvantage of link sales,It can lead to Google sanctions, since selling links goes against the guidelines of Google. leader of search engines. The consequences are then a downgrade of your SEO on Google.

How much can a blogger earn?

We have seen in previous sections how to make money with Blogging in general. However, we still do not know how high the bloggers’ monthly income can be. A simple and general answer to this question is very difficult.

Indeed, bloggers have several sources of online income but more importantly, the latter can be completely different from sponsored articles to paid advertisements . In addition to popularity and traffic, the subject (the niche of the website) obviously plays a vital role.

For example, a professional fashion or travel blog will potentially get more revenue than a blog about exotic animals (simply because the target group of the latter is much smaller).

It is also possible to make a living with a well run blog. However, in any case, many months and even sometimes laborious years are required to develop a profitable blog, and in this first phase, the blogger earns little or no money. It is only with growing awareness that a blog becomes interesting for advertisers.

In the beginning, donations and the sale of products or services are therefore often the only sources of income. But as soon as you establish various partnerships and a stable financial base, there is in theory no limit to what you can earn from your Blog. It is estimated, however, that the minority of major professional bloggers can achieve revenues of between 5,000 and 10,000 $ per month.

The most lucrative blogs on the market

Blogs can cover a wide variety of topics: fashion, sports, music, lifestyle, etc. Each industry has its own popular blogs, each with its own story and success stories . Sometimes, the activity of some bloggers can go far beyond just writing posts and articles to a blog.

Indeed popular bloggers are like influencers on social networks and even serve as experts at conferences. They are sometimes also requested for events or used to create or promote a range of products.

Make Money From Blogging

If you have decided to start monetizing your blog, then it is necessary to set a plan to start the process for marketing. Keep in mind the importance of specializing your niche and having proper hosting. Getting more traffic and new relationships with other bloggers are mandatory assets, it’s a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience. There are, however, some tips for accelerating the success of your blog project.

Optimize the loading time : an Internet blog is only accessible via the Web. The potential reader therefore has the same expectations for the user experience as for other Web projects. In addition, a good structure and a fast loading time are particularly important.

The Blog loading time is influenced by the choice of the blog or content management system as well as the hosting environment. If you use a CMS, then you can improve loading time with plugins like Lazy Load for WordPress sites. The plugin guarantees the loading of images only when they enter the viewing area of ​​the player.

Present more content: Many bloggers only post a small number of articles or posts on their home page, or even completely refrain from submitting editorial content . If there is more reading material and therefore more selection, it increases the chances of attracting the interest of visitors or buyers and thus gaining new regular readers.

Using teasers: with a catchy image and short text that work as a teaser, you increase the likelihood of your articles being read. Ideally, you write by yourself these short texts that should arouse the interest of readers.

Insist on “call to action” : It is important to emphasize and tell your readers that you offer newsletters, products and / or services in addition to your classic editorial content in order to make money with your blog. Forms, buttons etc. must be correctly positioned to be well perceived by the users.

Analyze User Behavior : Increase visit duration, and also improve the conversion rate , it is important to analyze the effects and impacts of these adjustments . With the help of web analytics software like Google Analytics , you can see if a metric has brought more traffic or increased the conversion rate of visitors.

It is recommended that you do not perform all optimization steps at once. Indeed in such a case it is difficult to determine the impact of the adjustments and to be able to check the measures that contributed precisely to the success of your blog.