Top Secrets Behind Making a Google Friendly website


How to make a Google Friendly website ?,The solution is simple,to respect the norms dictated by Google, the giant of the web search in the world, and to adopt the techniques white hat for the referencing of its Internet site on this search engine in order to put on line an ergonomic website and able to position itself well in Google’s Search engine result page.

It is therefore imperative for a site that seeks to position itself naturally in the first page of Google result or even the first position to adapt to the search algorithm of the latter which is characterized by the frequency of changes and improvements and this, to a high rithm because it can be said that Google carries every month changes and new features and filters to the index algorithm .

The ultimate goal of the Mountain View firm by this great frequency of improvement to its search engine is the fight against sites trying to spam results and adopting Black Hat methods to display as high as possible on the first result page.

Indeed, Google has created its two famous filters Panda and Penguin in order to establish Fair Play in the world of SEO.

Write high quality content

To make your website friendly for google,you must have quality textual content,and you can achieve this goal by take into consideration the user who falls on this information before the search engine that will reference the site.

However, textual content optimized for natural referencing remains the most secure way to ensure better positioning on the result pages and therefore have internet visibility, but also the relevance and freshness of the content must be ensured. a site updated regularly with original content and rich in information is highly rewarded by Google.

From an indexing point of view, it is important that the content of a web page is visible and legible at the same time and subsequently appreciated by search engine indexing robots.

Optimize your Net linking

It is important to register your site in a limited number of directories, selected for their relevance and regularly publish informative and optimized press releases to improve its referencing:

creating a blog for your site is an effective way to create backlinks to your web pages and improve the reputation of your site;publication of the optimized press release and original content allows for better visibility of the site on the different content publishing platforms and consequently the search engines;

The Linkbaiting is an effective technique of SEO which is to create a rich and relevant content on the site to encourage Internet users to make sharing on the web, so a single article can bring a lot of backlinks naturally to the site that proposes.

Work on your e-reputation

Effective presence on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc …
Communication through blogs and sharing sites

Avoid Spamdexing or Black Hat techniques:

The Google Panda filter has come up against especially low- quality content and closed-content sites with low-interest content or content generated automatically or through Internet users. It is important to note that the presence of a single page of fraud can sanction the entire site.

Acronym of the word Spam and the word Index, Spamdexing is often translated into abusive referencing , that is to say the use of black hat SEO techniques to deceive the search engines on the actual content of a web page in order to get a better SEO for, a given keyword.

Unlike the techniques of ethical optimization of web pages or White Hat SEO , Spamdexing is a Black Hat techniques consist in improving the positioning of its web pages without improving their real value (content optimization, optimization at source …).

Various techniques are used in this sense and are considered by the search engine to be a violation of SEO ethics:

The satellite pages:This technique consists in creating, especially for the search engines, an additional page compared to the content of the site to be referenced, this page is very well optimized and perfectly meets the criteria of relevance of the search engines and contains an automatic redirection to a page actual site.

Cloaking:This is a technique that consists of configuring a website so that it presents different content depending on the type of the user, and this by analyzing the IP address; user or search engine. This technique is generally used for sites that have elements that can not be explored by search robots (images, Flash, JavaScript script …).

The Duplicate content:This involves duplicating the content of one page on another page of the same domain name or a different domain name, in order to favor positioning in the search engines. The idea is to have the same content on two different sites on two separate servers in order to have more chance to be visible and have a better SEO.

The hidden text:This is a technique that allows web publishers to create content that is invisible to web users but detectable by indexing robots, thanks to certain programming methods to deceive the search engine algorithms of the real content of the site. .

This technique is heavily penalized by Google and the use of the same color for the background and fonts.

The Farm Link:Farm Link or link farm is to artificially inflate the popularity index of a website by using automatic link exchange.This method is thwarted by search engine algorithms by a new index that is the Trust Link.

Whatever the Black Hat technique used, the search engines are becoming more vigilant in this respect and even if one of these methods is still valid and effective to boost a site in the ranking it will eventually be detected by the Search algorithm and therefore register the site in the Black List.We highly recommends you to avoid using these techniques.