Youtube : Non-Skippable ads for Video Creators

Youtube Non-Skippable ads for Video Creators
Youtube Non-Skippable ads for Video Creators

YouTube has decided to expand ads on its platform that can not be ignored by those who play videos. The company has announced that creators will soon be able to activate non-skippable ads on all videos .

How to activate Non-Skippable ads on youtube channel ?

The Non-Skippable YouTube ads feature, according to YouTube, will be available from next week and all eligible creators will be notified via a notification on their dashboard.

As advertisers are well aware, they pay more in the case of non-skippable ads, so YouTube hopes to encourage creators to stay on their platform and produce more and more videos, although this feature can also be used on previously published videos.

Finally, remember that with a recent rule YouTube has imposed the maximum limit of 20 seconds for this type of ads, so let’s prepare for longer waits before you can watch a video.