Your android Phone does not turn on ? How to Fix it

Your android Phone does not turn on ? How to Fix it

Do not throw yourself off the bridge. what to do when Your phone does not turn on anymore? Have you tried everything ? Is it really ruined? Are you sure ? Do not worry, we’ve all been there. So before signing his death sentence, calmly resume from the beginning the reasons that could drive your smartphone to strike and how to remedy in different cases. We show you how to save your smartphone, for LG, Samsung or other smartphones.

Is it connected?

When was the last time you charged your phone battery? Sometimes time flies when watching videos on YouTube, and you hardly have your back turned that the battery is fully discharged without warning you. First thing to do: find a cable, plug in the device, and be sure your smartphone is charging. Warning: it may take a good few minutes to charge before your phone is able to turn on.

It is on but not the screen?

This is the second possibility: the phone is on but the screen is not. The easiest way to check is to press and hold the power button to force your phone to turn off, then turn it back on. You should hear a boot sound or feel a vibration. This means that your phone is working well, but the problem comes from a driver or screen. In this case your phone is good for the repairer.

Did you drop it or get wet?

This is one of the most common reasons why a smartphone refuses to turn on. If you have recently dropped it or if it has been wet, it could have small internal bleeding. Trying to turn on a wet phone too early can short it and grill it, so if it has been wet, follow the instructions to know what to do with a wet phone .

If you have dropped your phone and it refuses to start up, you will have to bring it to the repairer because it probably has a hardware problem or a broken screen. Of course, if your device does not turn on when it is waterproof, the problem is elsewhere.

Have you seen any application crashes, freezes , unexpected reboots or other strange things?

Did he show signs of fatigue before he died?

If you have witnessed strange phenomena (crash, reboots, etc …) that led to the permanent extinction of your smartphone, you could have software problems whose solution would be to reset your Android mobile. To start, save as much data as you can then flash the new firmware. There are many tutorials for the most popular smartphones, and you can also try a Factory Reset to get rid of other potential problems.

Is your battery leaking or swollen?

The other obvious culprit if your phone does not turn on is obviously your battery. This usually happens very gently, but it can also happen suddenly, especially if your battery is swollen or leaking. If you have the opportunity to open the back of your smartphone, this is an opportunity to inspect it from every angle to check if it is not damaged. If so, change the battery presto (as far as it is removable, obviously …).

Is your charger or cable broken?

Sometimes your phone does not start anymore and it is not at all involved. Sometimes it is the charging cable, the adapter or even the wall outlet that is guilty, so try to vary all these factors to put them out of the way before attacking your phone with a hammer.

You only see the boot logo?

In some cases ,Your android Phone does not turn on or starts but does not go beyond the boot screen, this is called a bootloop. This usually means that your phone turns on well but it remains stuck forever on the start screen. If you have recently updated your version of Android or flashed a Custom ROM, the simplest solution is to enter Recovery Mode and make a wipe of the cache or to do a Data Wipe / Factory Reset (back to the default settings). ‘factory). We have a bunch of tutorials to do that. In the worst case, you may have cracked your phone.