Save your android phone battery using Greenify :Free Download

Save your android phone battery after download Greenify

You can have one of the best android smartphones on the market, but you will still be facing battery problems. Sooner or later, you will need to Save your android phone battery to use it in the best conditions and when you need. And if you want to optimize your applications or switch to hibernation when it’s needed, then you need to test this awesome free android app Greenify .

With our wonderful app, users can hand pick which lower priority apps should take a nap. Heads up, though, you won’t want to hibernate apps such as the alarm clock or messaging apps if you plan to use them every day.

Greenify scans all your device apps,then it analyze the most apps that consume the most of your phone battery and puts them in hibernation mode when you’re not using it. This allows optimal use of the android smartphone battery, which will also speed up and boost your device response time.

After you finch downloading The great Greenify app,you will find that it does not need a rooted device to work, but you will have more options if you have root access. If you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can use Aggressive Doze mode to get the same result, but Greenify can work on most Android versions. Since it is free, you will not lose anything to test it for a few weeks and you will see that you can use your smartphone for much longer time and your phone battery will last long.


Greenify advantages

  • Small size
  • Free app
  • Optimization for the whole device performance
  • Hibernate apps that consumes resources
  • Help your battery to last longer time
  • Easy user interface

There is a pro version, but unless you’re well-versed in system operations, it’s best to stick with the free version and you can Download it now and save your android phone battery from HERE