Snapchat TuneMoji : Sending and Receiving Musical GIFs

Snapchat TuneMoji Sending and Receiving Musical GIFs

Thanks to the Snap kit, which allows third-party developers to take advantage of Snapchat’s features, it is now possible to send TuneMoji to its contacts: musical GIFs.

The social network ghost, struggling since Instagram vampirise all its features, may well regain interest.

As of today , TuneMoji is fully compatible with Snapchat . A small concern however: you will have to go through the dedicated application to send music GIFs.

A risky integration

For the moment, the integration of the functionality leaves something to be desired. Indeed it is impossible to send a TuneMoji directly from Snapchat.

To do this, you will need to bring you the official TuneMoji application, choose the GIF that interests you, and share it on Snapchat from the appropriate button. You can of course choose the type of publication: add the GIF to your story, or send it in a chat .

TuneMoji’s founder, James Manufacturer, said his company was working on better ways to integrate its service with “all of our instant messenger partners.” You will understand: the functionality will not remain faithful to Snapchat very long, TuneMoji dreaming of

Snapchat is still struggling to climb the slope

We remember: the redesign of the application last February had caused the ire of the community. Unclear, the new interface left plenty of room for sponsored content; logical consequence of’s IPO.

According to the latest figures, Snapchat would have lost nearly 3 million users in the exercise.

A weakening of the user base that does not augur a dark future for the social network: Snapchat has recently received the financial support of Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Talal, in the form of a $ 250 million investment.

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