Coming soon : Steve Jobs’ daughter “Lisa Brennan ” Biography

Coming soon Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan Biography
Coming soon Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan Biography

Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan, the first daughter of the giant Steve Jobs, is about to publish her own biography. It will be called Small Fry , translated into Italian with Pesciolino . Both the original and the translated versions are already available for pre-order on Amazon and other Italian bookshops; the release is scheduled for September 4th.

Given the many testimonies released in recent years on the life of Steve Jobs, the broad story of Lisa Brennan-Jobs is well known. Steve Jobs did not recognize her, even after a DNA test, and then repent when she was already a teenager. Above all in the authorized biography of Walter Isaacson, the relationship between the two is often portrayed as cold , detached and sometimes even cruel. Lisa decided to write her own version of the facts: “I was ashamed of being the ugly part of a great story,” he says.

According to the promotional interviews that Lisa Brennan-Jobs is giving these days, the underlying message is that yes, Steve Jobs was eccentric, often brutally honest and sometimes out of place with his daughter. But it was rarely vicious: sometimes, according to Lisa, because she did not know how else to behave, others because she did not want her to grow spoiled, others because – in her own way – she wanted to teach her certain values.

In short, Lisa Brennan-Jobs says she has forgiven her father for the less pleasant moments, and to remember many positive moments. Steve Jobs remains his personal hero, and he would like to pass on to his readers the positive feelings he had for his father.

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