Three new chromebook models with AMD processor spotted

Chromebook with AMD Raven Ridge three new models spotted

Three new chromebook models with AMD processor were found in the source code of the Chrome OS operating system. The clues are few, but strong: there are references to three motherboards … Asari: Liara , Aleena and Careena (if you have played the saga of Mass Effect, at least one of these three names will be very, very familiar).

They are all variants of Kahlee , motherboard based on AMD Raven Ridge whose existence has been known for some months . (Kahlee Sanders is another character of Mass Effect 3: it seems that someone in Mountain View has had a lot of fun with the Bioware franchise). Raven Ridge uses CPU with Zen (Ryzen) architecture and GPU Vega; the best performing model has graphics capabilities comparable to a GeForce GT 1030 and performance of over 150 percent higher than the Intel Core i5 8400 competitor.

Unfortunately, the information stops here. We have no technical details on the cards nor rumors about the devices that could host them. The Unboxed Chrome colleagues believe, however, that there are real possibilities for their presentation towards the end of the year – perhaps in time for the winter shopping season. Of course, understanding the availability on our side is a whole different matter.

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