Download And Learn How to Translate Texts Automatically With The Camera Of The Mobile !!


With these apps you only have to focus your mobile camera on the text you want to translate and it will automatically appear in the image in the language you choose.

Living in a new country is a fun and exciting experience; However, it is common to find some language barriers during the first months of adaptation until we learn the new language.

Going to a restaurant and not understanding what they are or one of the exotic dishes on the menu, not understanding something as simple as the instructions of a precooked dish and trying to decipher the content of the signs, are just some of the problems which we will have to face.

This ring is capable of translating up to 24 languages in real time

Yes, the language is not a valid excuse for not launching into this adventure. There are several useful tools to translate texts in real time and in a comfortable and simple way. They are apps that focus on the mobile camera on a text automatically translate the content.

Google Translator

This is without a doubt the most curious app to translate texts. If you focus the camera on a text in German, the original content in the image will not be reflected, but it will be directly translated in the language you have previously selected. It stands out for its good level of translation, an aspect that has improved in recent years, and its offline function. He fails the recognition of handwriting. It’s free for Android and iOS.

You must download each language you wish to use offline in the Google Translate application.

  • Go to menu and select “Google translate” icon on your Mobile phone.
  • Now click on the camera button.
  • Select the language to and language from for example English to Japanese .
  • And now select your photo from which you want to translate or you can directly use your camera too.
  • Select the portion of the photo you want to translate
  • These are some Features Of Google Translate App:
  • Translate between 103 languages by typing
  • Offline: Translate 52 languages when you have no Internet

Instant camera translation:

  • Use your camera to translate text instantly in 29 languages
  • Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages
  • Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages
  •  Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages And this is other apps
  • translate texts automatically with the camera of the mobile !!

Microsoft Translator

Like Google, this app is free and also works offline. However, it does not process the text in real time but analyzes it and shows the translation over the original content of the image.

The highlight of this app is its ability to send translated messages to your watch. smart. It is somewhat slower than its rivals. Available on Android and iOS.

The keyboard for Android more and better valued by users advances us in its beta version the next novelty that will come to everyone in its version 7.1.

SwiftKey follows the steps of Gboard and adds a simultaneous translator.

And it does it hand in hand with the main rival of Google Translate, with Microsoft Translator, whose translator has been integrated into the keyboard of SwiftKey.

The new SwiftKey translator appears in your toolbar. By clicking on the translation icon we can translate our messages in real time while we are writing in our language. We can select any of the more than 60 languages that

Microsoft Translator supports.

Camera translator This app for translating texts is a less complete option since, unlike Google and Microsoft, it does not translate text written on screen or audio; It only makes translations with the camera.
However, its optical recognition is better than the other tools, and translates handwritten texts. Another flaw is that it does not perform offline translations. It is only available for Android.