Uber is fully integrated into Google Maps and you no longer need your app


The latest update of the Google maps application has brought us the native integration of the Uber service in Google Maps.
A few hours ago Google modified Google Maps to introduce the lists of places to users that until now we did not have access to them.

But it was not the only novelty that we had reserved the creators of the most popular Android map application and the following comes from the hand of one of the most controversial companies in the world: Uber.

Thanks to the deep integration made by the developers, we can pay for the transport service without leaving the app.

Bus, bike, taxi … and now Uber

In the same way that public transport systems such as the bus or taxi were introduced in the application, now it is Uber’s turn, which is integrated into the application as we can see in the video to be an option when going from One place to another.

In the area where private services with driver appeared, both Uber and Lyft, although in Spain we only have the first available and in a few cities, we will now be allowed to hire the service, without leaving Google Maps.

There will be several Uber options that we can choose, from Pool to the select Uber Black, and we will be informed of where the nearest car is, in time, before we request that you come to pick us up.

Obviously the cost of the service will also appear although, as with taxis, it will give us a scale, not a fixed price.

To qualify for this mode of transport on Google Maps we must update the application to version 9.43.2 and wait for Google to activate it on the server side, which always explains that some users have certain news and others not when all Variables are identical.

If the version does not appear in the application store you can always look in APK Mirror.