WhatsApp :Convert selfies into stickers Using Bobble App

WhatsApp Convert selfies into stickers Using Bobble App

Now you can convert selfies into GIFs and stickers on the Android devices. Your own stickers and GIFs make your messages unique and fun . Google Play offers a multitude of keyboard applications with stickers, emoticons, GIFs, etc. Once you’ve created these little extras, you can use them in any chat application as WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger.

Smartphones have caused the revolution of selfies, so why not go further and mix selfies and stickers / GIFs?! And so express you in a completely new way. So just choose the right android application to turn your selfie into something more than just a photo. Today, we offer in this tutorial 2 options to make your messages more fun !

Turn Your selfies into stickers without apps

We offer you first use the keyboard free Bobble App Keyboard (download link at the end of this article). This free keyboard for Android brings many features such as custom GIFs, stickers, emoticons and memes, in which you can insert your own face .

To start creating your own stickers with your face:

  • First you can take a photo with the front camera of your Android smartphone
  • Or choose the image from your photo library.
  • Then select the ” Add my face to sticker  ” button  to launch the camera.
  • Start modifying the photo.

You can make a precise adjustment of the sticker according to your wishes, with different options such as: darken the hair, add and erase parts of the image, etc. Added faces can be accessed from the Heads menu of the application.

Then there are 2 ways to share them in WhatsApp and other messaging apps: directly from the chat , using the respective Sticker and GIF icons on the keyboard, or via the sharing option of the main application.

Bobble can also be used in many other similar messaging applications and can also launch your favorite applications from the keyboard panel. Simply add your selfie images or your friends from the photo library and convert them into stickers or GIFs to pumper your conversations!

WhatsApp Convert selfies into stickers Using Bobble App

Selfies into stickers With free applications

MSQRD (or Masquerade) is not a recent application but is perfect for what you want to do. Do you know how all your friends use Snapchat filters to change their faces? Well with MSQRD, you can do it without using Snapchat .

  • Launch the app.
  • With your front camera, align your face to the ” mask  ” outline  on the screen.
  •  Choose a filter from the options, like a panda or a scary clown mask, and it will be applied to your face.
  • Moving in real time with you !
  •  You can either save it as a video or take a picture.

WhatsApp Convert selfies into stickers Using Bobble App

Share this picture with your friends at any time in your conversation. There are many free “masks” available, so try them all!

WhatsApp | Free Download 

MSQRD |Free Download

Bobble App – Stickers & Comics|Free Download

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