WhatsApp stickers: How to convert any photo into sticker


They may have been late, but that does not mean that WhatsApp users stop enjoying with the new stickers.

And the stickers tend to be better than the emoji when expressing emotion: they are much more varied and allow you to give the humorous touch to conversations with a single gesture. Especially if you have your own custom pack
Imagine you want to create your own sticker pack to use on WhatsApp. It may seem like a complicated process, but it is not so much since there is an application that facilitates the task of adding them: Personal stickers for WhatsApp. The name of the application already says it all since it opens the door for you to have personalized stickers.

Choose your images in webp or PNG and transform them into stickers for WhatsApp
The creation process is simple, but somewhat cumbersome: you need all the images of the stickers to be available in a specific format and size: they must be webp or PNG and have dimensions of 514 x 514 pixels. If you do not meet these rules you will not be able to make the stickers. And one last obligation: you need the latest WhatsApp beta to add the stickers to the application.

To create your own stickers we will use the online photo editor Photopea. The steps are very simple, you have them just below:
Have prepared all the photographs you want to transform into WhatsApp sticker. They can be photos in which you leave, that you have downloaded from the web … You choose.
We will use the web browser to edit the images, but you can also use the mobile. Whatever your device accesses the photopea web address.
Click on “File”, then on “Open” and choose your photo.
Click on the clipping tool (it is on the left of the screen) and select the option “Fixed ratio” in “Free”. This way you will make a square cutout.
Move the selection to the area of the image you want to convert the stickers. When you have it ready accept the cutout.

Once the image has been cropped, it only remains to be exported. Click on “File / Export as / More” and choose “WEBP”. Photopea will download your edited image to the file that WhatsApp accepts. You can also choose PNG, but we recommend working with the webp format.
Make sure the size in which you are saving the image is 514 x 514 pixels.
Create a folder in the internal storage of your mobile using a file editor. Your mobile should have an editor; If not, you can download it from Google Play. This is not mandatory: you can move the downloaded webp to any folder on your mobile.

Move the webp file you downloaded from Photo pea to the stickers folder you created on your mobile (or anywhere in the storage).
Repeat all the steps until you create the WhatsApp stickers you want.
Once you have all the stickers in your stickers folder (on your mobile) you just have to install the Personal stickers for WhatsApp application (you have it right below). Open the app and it will automatically detect all the images you created. You just have to click on «ADD» and the application will add them to WhatsApp in the form of a sticker.

You must keep in mind that you need a minimum of three images (webp or PNG in a size of 514 x 514 pixels) to create a sticker pack. In addition to creating them following our tutorial you can also download them from the web.

App dedicated to creating WhatsApp stickers
Another option is to use an app dedicated to creating stickers for WhatsApp; Although initially there were not many, over time they are appearing in the Play Store.

A good example is WAStickerApps, an app that allows us to download sticker packages and create ours; To do this, use the images that we have stored on our device. It may be a simpler option, but not as complete as the one we have explained before.