5 easy ways to increase free traffic to your website


You have chosen a site name, selected a beautiful design, and added a great content to your website. Now it’s time to share your site and increase free traffic ! Here are the best and easy five simple and instantly effective ways to ensure that as many people as possible visit your website.

1. Submitting your website URL

Google can take weeks to find and index your page. Save time by submitting your website URL yourself . Your URL is your web address, for example http://www.yoursitedomain.com or http: // yoursitedomain.SimpleSite.com- look at your address bar when you are on your site to see what your URL looks like. You can also take the opportunity to submit your URL to search engines of Bing and Yahoo .


In addition to the search engines, you should also list your web page on a web directory. The presence in this kind of list can have a positive impact on your ranking in the search engines. The most well-known and used directory in the industry is Dmoz.org.

Referral sites like StumbleUpon serve only to guide people who are interested in particular sites. If your site offers something that you think might be of interest to some people, add it to StumbleUpon so they can present it to their public and increase free traffic without any penny.

2. Make the most of your e-mail address list

Your e-mail account is a real gold mine, just waiting for you to exploit it. Sending an email to your family, friends, colleagues, etc. can be a great way to introduce them to your new site and encourage them visit it. The e-mail does not have to be long, one or two lines about the site and a link are enough to increase traffic to your website.

Sending a generic email is the easiest solution, but consider sending personalized emails to influential members of your networks. It is important to show these people quickly how it may be helpful to see your new website and share it around them.

3. Regular site activity and fresh content

Do not let dust accumulate on your website. Be sure to regularly update your site with new fresh content. Your site will be more interesting and attractive to your visitors and search engines, and it will encourage them to come back.


Posting new items on your site every day can quickly become too demanding for you and your visitors. Instead, set yourself goals: post something new on your site once a week, once a month … it’s up to you.
No need to reinvent the wheel every day. A small update or a fun image to keep your website active can be just as effective as writing a whole message in your blog or uploading a new product to your online store.

4. Sponsored links and backlinks

Quality and the creation of relevant content is the main way for people and search engines to notice your website and send you free traffic, but the exchange of links is very valuable and helpful . For example, you can exchange your website URL with other sites or blogs that you read or follow which is called backlinks.


Websites dealing with topics similar to yours allow exchanges of links a priority more interesting for your visitors. This is obviously valid in both directions: the owner of the other site will also perceive the same kind of interest for his own visitors. A link is even more easily exchanged if you write a short story, a little post or a little anecdote about his site, provided he does the same for yours.

Knowing where you are in the “Internet hierarchy” can be extremely helpful. For example, if you have a medium-sized recreation website, the chances of getting a link exchange with the website of a major company or news organization are relatively small. Be reasonable, and aim for sites of the same type as yours, they will be much more likely to exchange links with you and promote your website.

5. Socialize!

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are worth their weight in gold when getting more traffic to your web page. Recently, they can even be more powerful than search engines, provided they are used correctly. Make it a habit to write a post on your social media channels at each new event on your website.


Instead of uploading an image or video to your Facebook page, put it on your website instead, and link to it by placing a link on your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, and so on. Remember that the link in question must be interesting or relevant enough so your visitors can not help but click on the link and share your message to increase your website free traffic!


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