Updated : Samsung Galaxy S9 specification,price and release date

Updated : Samsung Galaxy S9 specification

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be Samsung’s first flagship of 2018. After the success of Galaxy S7 2016 and Galaxy S8 2017, this new high end smartphone is expected to turn. Samsung will have a lot to do to renew itself while offering an experience worthy of the previous two Galaxy S. Check out all about Samsung Galaxy S9 specification technical features, price and release date of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

For now, no official information has been provided by Samsung about the Galaxy S9. However, as 2017 draws to a close, the first leaked news begins to circulate about the future South Korean flagship. Check out all the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of design, screen, performance, camera, features, price and release date of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9: design

It is unlikely that the Galaxy S9 presents a radically different design compared to the Galaxy S8. We can expect rather subtle differences, such as when moving from Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S7. This new flagship should retain the borderless design of its predecessor, as well as the two curved edges formerly reserved for the Edge range.

The Galaxy S9 will present almost the same design as the Galaxy S8 . We can hope that the fingerprint scanner finally leaves the back of the smartphone. Samsung could opt for a new fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S9 .

In the best case, the scanner will be directly integrated under the screen. Unfortunately, according to KGI analysts, it will be necessary to wait for the Galaxy Note 9 so that the fingerprint scanner is finally placed under the screen . A Chinese industrial source confirms being 100% sure that the Galaxy S9 will not have an optical fingerprint scanner . On the other hand, a patent filed by Samsung describes an interesting alternative. Like the Apple iPhone X or the Essential Phone, the screen of the Galaxy S9 could be cut by a notch . This notch would be used to accommodate a fingerprint scanner on the front.

It is possible, however, that Samsung is going the same way as Apple by choosing to remove the fingerprint scanner in favor of facial recognition technology similar to the Face ID of the iPhone X. Indeed, this system is described by Apple as faster and more reliable than fingerprint recognition. If consumers warmly welcome this novelty, it is indeed possible that Samsung adopts the same strategy. We will come back to it. In any case, the back of the Galaxy S9 will be very different from that of the Galaxy S8 .

The Galaxy S9 could also offer a modular design similar to that of Motorola Moto Z. It would be possible to connect one module at a time to the smartphone, but several modules could be connected to each other. This rumor is however to take with tweezers. Samsung is also preparing a foldable smartphone , but it will be a separate device called Galaxy X.

Faded diagrams suggest the disappearance of the jack on the Galaxy S9 . However, according to leak specialist Ice Universe, the jack plug would be kept by Samsung on the Galaxy S9 . Ice Universe however specifies that the Galaxy S9 would be delivered with AKG Bluetooth headphones . The different sources of rumors are therefore contradictory on this point.

Note that the development firmwares confirm that the flagship will be declined again in two versions Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + . A third Galaxy S9 Mini version of 4 inches could also be launched . The Galaxy S9’s first official leaked renderings show a screen with even finer edges and a dual sensor camera arranged vertically. A first rendering with a shell of the Galaxy S9 was also unveiled by a prop.

The first photos of the Galaxy S9 :


Samsung Galaxy S9: screen

According to rumors, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + will have the same Infinity Display screen as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8:

  • As a reminder, this 18.5: 9 Super AMOLED display offers a QHD + definition.
  • A diagonal of 5.8 inches.
  • These dimensions can be expected to be maintained for both Galaxy S9 variants.

Although this source seems sure of it, we can still hope for a new screen or an improved version. Latest news, the S9 will offer a much higher screen ratio than the S8 , with edges even finer.

In April 2017, the Korean site ETNews reported that Samsung had managed to create a curved screen on all four edges , covering 98% of the facade. Unfortunately, the manufacturer would not have managed to make the four corners of this screen sensitive to tactile pressure. Therefore, the proposed experience may cause confusion to the user. Unless this problem of sensitivity is solved, it is likely that Samsung will give up this project for the moment. Without proposing such a radical change, Samsung could nevertheless improve the definition of its screen to offer the 4K, like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium .

Samsung Galaxy S9 specification: processor, RAM and storage

Like the previous Galaxy S, the Galaxy S9 will ship a different processor according to markets. we can expect the flagship to be equipped with the manufacturer’s new Exynos processor. Samsung has just officially unveiled its Exynos 9810 processor equipped with new third generation cores, and a new improved graphics chip. It is very likely that this processor is embedded by the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. The Exynos 9810 Galaxy S9 would be 15% more efficient than the Galaxy S8 .

This new Exynos processor of the Galaxy S9 also ship the fastest modem chip ever created so far. This LTE modem category 18 could reach a maximum bit rate of 1.2Gbps for download. This maximum speed will allow users to take advantage of the maximum potential of 4G, and will also allow the use of 5G during its deployment. In addition, Samsung would also develop an artificial intelligence unit for its processor, similar to what the Huawei Kirin 970 offers.

In other markets, the flagship should ship the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The Galaxy S9 is the first smartphone to ship the Snapdragon 845 , and also enjoy a temporary exclusivity through an agreement with Qualcomm. Unlike the Snapdragon 835, this new chip would not be manufactured by Samsung but the Taiwanese TSMC. Qualcomm chose this partner because it is the only one to have a technology of engraving in 7 nm at the moment.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 are equipped with 4GB of RAM. With its new Galaxy S9, Samsung will reach 6GB of RAM, as for the Galaxy Note 8. Most Android smartphones of 2017 as the OnePlus 5 already ship 8GB of RAM. By 2018, a new course could be reached. However, a first benchmark indicates only 4GB of RAM for the Galaxy S9 . In fact,the Galaxy S9 would offer 4GB of RAM and Galaxy S9 + 6GB of RAM .

In terms of storage space, the Galaxy S9 will be equipped with 128GB of basic storage , and a micro SD port.

Samsung Galaxy S9: camera

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has finally joined the ball of dual sensor cameras. While the Galaxy S8 had a single sensor, it is likely that the Galaxy S9 also offers this feature. According to a rumor , the Galaxy S9 would be equipped with an overpowered photo sensor equipped with a 1000fps slow motion . Directly designed by Samsung, this sensor would allow the smartphone to shoot in super slow-motion, like the Sony XZ Premium and its 960fps sensor. The Galaxy S9’s photo sensor features an adjustable aperture , a first for smartphones.

More recently, Samsung has officially unveiled two new revolutionary ISOCELL photo sensors . The Fast 2L9 and Slim 2X7 are supposed to be able to take very detailed pictures in low light conditions. The pixels of the Fast 2L9 would be 1.28 micrometers, and those of the Slim 2X7 would be the first to go below the micrometer bar with a size of 0.9 micrometers. These two sensors could be arranged vertically on the back of the Galaxy S9 , as shown in this first image on the run:

The dual back end sensor would be reserved for the Galaxy S9 +. Another rumor about the Galaxy S9 camera is this time the front camera. According to a tweet published by Ice universe, the Galaxy S9 would carry a 3D sensor, like the iPhone X Apple . Clearly, Samsung’s goal is to emulate Face ID facial recognition technology. 3D capture would solve the problems of facial recognition of Galaxy S8 / S8 + and Galaxy Note 8 which can be deceived by a simple photo .

However, Samsung can also be expected to maintain its iris scanner technology, possibly with some improvements to the program. Faded diagrams announce a dual 12MP sensor on the front of the Galaxy S9 . Many other sources attest to the presence of a dual photo sensor.

According to recent information found on LinkedIn, Samsung has decided to propose a new alternative to the Face ID of the iPhone X. One of the best engineers of the Korean firm is currently working on a brand new type of sensor . There is every reason to believe that Samsung is looking to improve its facial recognition system. According to another source, the Galaxy S9 will be equipped with many features borrowed from the iPhone X . Samsung is currently looking to improve its facial recognition, and the Galaxy S9 iris scanner would benefit from a clear improvement .


Obviously, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + will run directly on Android 8.0 Oreo with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. Widely refined over the last few years, this overlay will undoubtedly present new improvements to offer an ever more comfortable user experience. Just like on the latest Galaxy flagships, the virtual assistant Bixby should also be there with its dedicated button. The user interface will be especially improved on the Galaxy S9 with the help of artificial intelligence .

Samsung Galaxy S9 price and release date

In 2017, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + were officially announced on March 29, and marketed on April 28. We can expect the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + to be presented in March or April 2018. According to the Korean website The Bell, Galaxy S9 production will have already begun , six months ahead of the Galaxy S8. The smartphone would be developed under the code name “Star”.

Earlier rumors spoke of an early launch of the Galaxy S9 in January 2018 , but this information seems unconvincing. However, according to The Investor, production of the Galaxy S9 will begin in December 2017 which seems to confirm an exit in January 2018. According to EvanBlass, the Galaxy S9 would be shown in January 2018 at the CES and presented in March . Business Korea also confirms a launch of the Galaxy S9 in January 2018 at the same time as the LG G7 .

It is difficult to predict what the price of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + will be. As a reminder, the prices of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + 64GB version are 809 euros and 909 euros respectively. It is unclear, however, whether Samsung will decide to maintain similar tariffs for its new flagships, or whether the South Korean giant will choose to continue following the path of soaring prices. If the Galaxy S9 does indeed include advanced technologies such as a 3D sensor, then the price may approach that of the iPhone X, proposed at 1200 $minimum. According to Business Korea, the Galaxy S9 would offer little innovation compared to the Galaxy S8 but its price would rise .

While waiting for the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9, we will continue to update this page regularly according to the new information leaks.