Why fast charging does not work on my Samsung Galaxy S8 ?


New bug for the Samsung Galaxy S8! Since the last Firmware update deployed, some users have complained that fast charging does not work anymore. For others, wireless charging is a challenge. For the Samsung smartphone, the black series continues.

In recent weeks, users of a Galaxy S8 are affected by a series of bugs. Some complain that they no longer receive their SMS while others say that the focus of the camera is automatically set without their knowledge . Samsung has already responded to some of these bugs, but barely a problem is solved, another concern surfaced. This time it is the Galaxy S8 recharge that is affected by a bug. In addition to a failure of wireless charging , it is especially fast charging that no longer works!

Galaxy S8: a bug makes fast charging does not work!

The obvious culprit of this wave of bugs related to charging the smartphone is the latest update deployed. It is indeed since this October update that problems accumulate. On the web, many users complain. There are cases on both the S8 and the S8 +.

 fast charging does not work

Why after new update software for Galaxy S8+ fast charging is not working ?. As users point out, conventional charging works normally. The trouble only affects fast charging. When they try to use it, the Galaxy S8 just does not recharge as fast as it is supposed to. One can easily imagine the frustration of the users. As you can imagine, the problem is more boring for users of an S8, which has indeed less autonomy than its big brother. If you do not have an external battery on hand, you will quickly run out of juice in the middle of the day!

According to some users, the problem would mainly concern third party chargers. Many of Samsung Galaxy S8 users report problems with their OLED screen during this recharge phase. If the screen of your S8 flashes while charging, there is a problem somewhere. It is still unclear what causes this bug but everything suggests that this is the last update.

How To Fix Galaxy S8 Problem: fast charging does not work ?

  • You must switch off your phone or turn the display off whilst it charges.
  • You must use a fast charger that is compatible with your Galaxy S8,use the official Samsung fast charger.
  • Speed up your charge time by enabling Airplane mode.Galaxy S8 will use less power during Airplane mode.
  • Turn off some unused features,NFC, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
  • Check your microUSB port at a Samsung store

If you have not installed it yet, abstain. Samsung is expected to resolve this concern in its next update, expected in a week or two. Note that this is not the first time that the fast charge of the S8 is accused of failures . We keep you informed for the rest, in the meantime, take care of yourself and stay connected