Fingerprint Sensor in Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

Fingerprint Sensor in Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

According to reports from The Bell, the Galaxy S10 will be announced, as usual, between the first and second quarter of next year, probably at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona. On the Galaxy S10, the Korean company should be ready to integrate a sensor for fingerprint recognition in the display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the next important smartphone of the giant Korean manufacturer, after the renewal in the Note line occurred at the beginning of August. Slowly the hardware identikit of the top range is composed, thanks to the diffusion of rumors and rumors more or less reliable. One of the most recent has been published by The Investor and focuses on the biometric recognition system .

The source states that all three Galaxy S10 variants will be equipped with the fingerprint recognition sensor integrated into the display . The new report contradicts previous rumors that said the presence of this feature only in two of the three variants – in the cheaper one it would have been replaced by a more traditional physical button with integrated sensor. However, the technical solutions used will vary.

The two high-end models will use an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen , while the third and more economy variant an optical sensor below the screen . The supply of the first will be entrusted exclusively to Qualcomm . Differences with the most economical variant will therefore exist, but will only concern the integrated sensor technology: remember that ultrasonic ones create a 3D fingerprint map, much more detailed than the 2D image of the optical sensors.

The optical sensors – to be clear, the one used by companies like Vivo – although not using a technology that is still mature (the margin of error can be high if the sensor can not read the impression correctly, for example, if the finger is dirty or wet or if external light sources interfere), have the advantage of being up to three times cheaper than ultrasonic ones. It is reasonable to predict that Samsung is at the top for the high-end variants of the Galaxy S10 and proposes an optical impression scanner for the lower-end one.

According to The Investor, the launch of the Galaxy S10 line will take place in February 2019, while marketing will begin in the following month. Information to be taken with the benefit of the doubt pending further confirmations.

In addition to the ” normal ” model and the ” plus “, a third Galaxy S10 would also be provided, a ” base ” version with sensor for fingerprint recognition on the side , similar to the one chosen by Motorola for the Moto Z3 Play and Sony, for some time, for its high-end Xperia. The technology used by Samsung should be that of Qualcomm, which will probably be the only supplier of “in-display” sensors .

According to the source of these rumors, which confirm part of what emerged in recent weeks , the South Korean company has not yet finalized all the specifications for the new Galaxy S10. Furthermore, the decision to add a basic model to the S10 range would have been taken recently. Further changes could not be excluded.

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