4 Secrets To Optimize Your Web SEO For Google Rankbrain

How To Optimize Your Website SEO For Google Rankbrain

What is Google Rankbrain ?why and for what Google need for it ?,First  of all,as the first impression,Rankbrain is high intelligent,Algorithms and codes.

Due to Google’s relentless battle against scammers and SEOs cheaters,And since its inception, Google has been fighting against them. Because They always want to be pinned at the top of SERP, whatever the cost,But this way in dealing with things like SEO is not acceptable By Google.You will Never Trick Google !

Since Google launched its new algorithm,which called Google Rankbrain,Then,everything about SEO has changed, and many of websites owners have noticed a very large drop in  visitors to their websites. What has happened? What can webmasters do for coexistence and understanding with Rankbrain? This is exactly what we are going to discuss with you in this article.

Google concern is The end user experience,who must find what he is looking for as quickly as possible.on the search engines, only the number of appearances of the searched word was counted to position a page or a website in Google search results page.So,Google has changed the game by believing that the relevance of the links received was paramount.The authority of the pages on which these links are found then took the lead of the traditional SEO factors.This is how PageRank was born.Today, the PageRank is outdated.

It is no longer possible to know the “rating” attributed to Google to a site (which would be of little use, because Google indexes pages for expressions, and it does not give a global “note”).

It is now more interesting to evaluate the overall quality of the website SEO including its Quote and Trust Flow (algorithm for estimating quality and relevance of a page or a website). The trust flow and the quote flow make it possible to estimate the optimization for referencing a site:

If you are a little curious, there is also  a “free” extension of Majestic SEO (the inventor of the Trust & Citation flow), which allows to analyze the SEO profile of a website in 1 click.

With a little experience, it is possible to compare your site against a “normal” distribution of the Trust and Citation Flow (ex: SEO links “rotten” …).

The other solution is to analyze how Google “sees” your site, through tools like SEMrush , which analyze the keywords for which you are well positioned in Google (and for which pages), as well as the situation of your competitors ( very useful to identify keywords that you would have forgotten, or go against a competitor on key phrases). So, with a tool like SEMrush , it’s very simple to see exactly where you are in your SEO.

However, if these tools give you a picture of your situation with Google, they do not help you understand the “why”. Indeed, if you want to improve your SEO, it becomes important to know how Google and its algorithm works.

If it is easy, Google wants to highlight unique and quality content that will help users for a given search and Google cares about end user experience .This has always been Google’s focus and will remain so for many years.

The engine takes more than 200 criteria into account to evaluate how to rank its results.It does an incredible job identifying what the user really looks for. He gets better at understanding what we want to know behind a simple sequence of words Through 2 similar queries, but with different goals, let’s see how Google distinguishes them to deliver the most relevant results.

The first is The Pianist and is performed by a person looking for information on the famous film. Google’s job is to detect the intent of this search.

Here is the result of this research:

This corresponds exactly to what is sought. This is logical and possible if the expression “the pianist” often appears in this film context .

Let’s do another search.We will only change one word. A simple article even.Let’s search for a pianist’s expression .


The results appearing correspond to famous pianists or to the use of the piano.

The film is here completely forgotten in the results.

It is nevertheless surprising to see how Google identifies the search intent . This allows him to offer ever more relevant results.

One would think that only a man should be able to detect this intention. But today, would the machine catch up with us?

Since 2015, Google has been using RankBrain,As we said before,It is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google process some of its search results,which is very smart system that helps deliver far more relevant results than ever before for the user.What makes Google RankBrain different from other search engine algorithms?How to deal with this new Algorithm?.Keep reading.

What is important here is precisely this system of artificial intelligence .Before RankBrain, Google engineers manually added different relationships between words and concepts. The algorithm could thus “understand” the relationship between them and provide interesting results.Today,Google RankBrain automatically stores a lot of information. It continually improves the prediction of research intent .

Initially, Google RankBrain was created because Google has to deal with 100 billion queries a month and 15% of queries are unpublished , which means that they have never been done before.This is where RankBrain comes in to “guess” what is best and how to respond.In fact, he tries to detect what is happening in our head.

Greg Corrado (engineer at Google) explains: If the RankBrain algorithm identifies an unusual vector, which he does not know, he will try to “guess” his meaning through other approaching vectors. He will thus perfect himself for new analyzes, etc.

Google confirmed in 2015 that it actually uses Rankbrain.In March 2016, the engine declared that it was the 3rd indicator to take into account to optimize your website SEO, behind your great content and your linking and backlinks (if you want to learn more about link building, discover these backlinks building techniques ).

In 2017, smartphones exceed 50% of searches made on the web, also Voice search is increasingly used,And that will grow more and more with the arrival of virtual assistants in our homes, like for example Google Home, Amazon Alexa .

The promise of these new assistants is simple: ask them questions in natural language, have the best answers, and then be able to take action (ex. order a product, schedule a route …)!

Orally, the requests we ask are more complex.We tend to ask questions closer to our everyday language (synonyms, complex sentence constructions …). This indicates that Google must adapt to these developments. And again, Google RankBrain will play a major role in predicting the human intent of this research.

How To Optimize Your Blog SEO For Google Rankbrain ?

Knowing that RankBrain is only gaining more and more importance, it is wise to ask what he really likes and What should we write for him to appreciate and show us high on Google search Results first page ?

1) Write as you speak

Google RankBrain was created to handle ever more complex queries.It allows answering voice questions.It can be said that RankBrain appreciates content written in a natural way.Therefore, do not write like a robot (on an expression, a keyword …), but as if you wanted to be understood by a human being.Do not try to distinguish yourself by a language supported, write as if you discussed with your prospect, with his words, his expressions .

Gary Illyes, a Google engineer, explains how to optimize your site for Google RankBrain:

“The recommendation is to write in natural language. Write your content as human would speak. If you try to write like a machine, then RankBrain will be baffled and will probably reject you”

Either forget RankBrain and focus on your audience .Meet their needs by providing them with impeccable quality content they want.

2) Deepen and contextualize your subject

Make your favorite reader and Google understand your solution as easily as possible.and you have to explain the problem you are answering because it is more often in these terms that your clients do their research.

For example, it’s a safe bet that with voice search (and related immediacy), we’ll see searches like:

  • I want a XXX right away
  • Where can I find a XXX this weekend
  • How to make me a book a XXX in the day

Linked to this, it will always be better to write consistent content.Indeed, in 500 words it is difficult to enter the heart of a subject or answer a question of substance.That’s why the “myth” of 500-word articles is born, that often it is recommended to write articles of 1500 to 2500 words, because you will write a value-added content that answers to the expectations of readers and your visitors.They will help the engines to better determine your subject and the purpose of your writing.and You will repeat your key phrase without disturbing your reader.

An important and detailed content will allow you to use synonyms, to enrich your presentation of expressions related to your central theme.This will improve your indexing and Google will more easily recognize expressions related to your main keyword.Thus, you will see results that may not even have your search in their text, but will deal with the same subject.

Be sure to enrich your text with synonyms and other words that naturally revolve around your subject, And avoid filling your content with a unique keyword that would be over reported.

3) Mention reliable sources

Content from authoritative sites on the web is an excellent signal for Google that will give you more visibility,So,Do not hesitate to mention any authoritative source in your area(Magazines,Institutions,Case studies of major universities, laboratories..). If you quote them, you have already done a first job and for Google you have already identified reliable sources.This will add a huge value to your content.

Google will judge it more credible and put it forward in its results,When you create new content, do not hesitate to show that you have deepened the subject beforehand,and ,Any information confirming your comments will be welcome.


So, do not hesitate to refer to safe and appreciated sources … and if you quote blogs of influences, you will then be able to make them pass the information on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook … and thus hoping relays on Media Social.

4) Earn your links on important sites in your sector

Andrey Lipattsev, search quality strategist at Google, after stating that RankBrain is the 3rd criterion, talked about the first 2:

“I can tell you what they are. There is the content. And there are the links that point to your site. ”

This is what we saw earlier,With RankBrain you have every interest to make content attractive,And coincidentally, this is precisely a point that will encourage people to create links to your page,Like what, many elements of SEO are interconnected,Today, the links that point to your site are always a major element to boost your SEO on Google.

Remember, quality prevails over quantity,And this will only strengthen in the future.Creating mass backlinks is one of Google’s leading causes of penalty and It really takes a lot of work to get “fixed”.

If you could only follow one board, it should be:  Create only high quality content ,But this is unfortunately not enough,So,you have to Make good content in its corner hoping that Google and Internet users notice.

To promote your site and get links, you have to promote it, Any type of communication is interesting, but keep in mind that it needs to be specific to your prospects and customers.However what is important is to make your own checklist, and apply it every time you post content on your site.


Let’s summarize what you should do to optimize your Google RankBrain SEO:

  • Be natural, turn to the end user,write for him
  • Focus on what your target audience needs,what they want
  • Create useful rich content that addresses real-world problems and solutions for your readers
  • Refer to authoritative sites in your area(linking)
  • Increase awareness and get backlinks by creating high value-added content that will encourage sharing
  • Promote your content to solidify its SEO
  • With Google RankBrain, we enter a period where quality becomes empress .