How To Download Telegram On Desktop !!


We have great news, a few days ago the developers of Telegram Desktop uploaded the first commits that referred to the functions of Streaming and support for its reproduction.
Last night the beta version 1.15.16 of Telegram Desktop was launched that adds support for streaming video natively within the application.

Unlike the Android and iOS applications they did not put any icon that indicates that the video can be viewed in streaming, the only thing we can see is that the video is large, has a play icon and shows a preview as you can see in following image:

What videos can be seen in Streaming?

Currently, according to the tests carried out yesterday, Telegram Desktop is only supporting MP4 format videos, some encoding formats supported are AVC, HECV and others.

Currently unlike Telegram for Android (Beta), Telegram Desktop is not yet able to play videos with mkv format although it shows the preview that it is a video that can be played in streaming.

We hope that in future versions this small problem is solved and the streaming of this type of files works well.

Audio Streaming on Telegram Desktop Yes, we also have audio streaming for MP3, ACC, FLAC, ALAC, OGG and OPUS files. The Streaming function allows us to listen to the audio while downloading and also to change the playback position.