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We first covered the startup two years ago, when its founders just graduated from YC. At the time there were two of them building the business: Shahzad Younas and Ryan Brodie, a couple perhaps unlikely in this context, given Brodie’s lack of Muslim background. She joined after meeting Younas, who had previously quit her job as an investment banker to launch Muzmatch. Brodie was excited about the idea and early traction for the MVP. The couple embarked to launch a relaunch of the app in mid-2016 that helped snag a spot at YC.

So why don’t Younas and Brodie match? All the remaining founder can say publicly is that his investors are buying Brodie’s stake. (While, in a note on LinkedIn, celebrating what he calls Muzmatch’s “bittersweet” Series A news, Brodie writes: “Other than this increase, I decided to sell my stake in the company. This is not for lack of on the contrary, it is simply the right time to move to start number 4 now with capital to take big risks. ”

Asked what is more difficult, finding a stable co-founder or finding a life partner, Younas responds with a laugh. “With me and Ryan, all credit, when we first got together we committed to each other, I suppose, a period of time really in our favor,” he dares to search for the phrase “conscious decoupling” to summarize how things went down. “We both literally put sweat of blood and tears in the application, to grow what is. And surely without him we would not be as far away as we are now, that is definitely true. ”

Online platforms is founded to are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young Muslims from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and  Chechnya and word wide.

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Back to our zwaj app , which belongs to Cupid Media , offers to meet your future partner where ever he are, whether across borders or in their own country is up to their personal wishes. So you can surf on the sites both before and after signing up in different languages. In addition to German and English, these include: Bahasa, Danish, Dutch, Suomi, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian … and many more languages ​​the app has an international presence.

Registration and profile creation
As usual with cupid media platforms, registering is a quick, straightforward process that you can complete with your email address and also via Facebook. A confirmation is not needed. You can create the password yourself and after logging in and a successful login, you can start looking for the profiles of other people.

When you installed, the app  it allows you to sign up or log into your  account anytime, anywhere and be able to create, edit and update your profile photo easily
Upload new photos on your site from mobile or take it directly from camera.

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Search for matches from a big database  from all over the world
Communicate via  advanced messaging features
The app let you to receive instant notifications and upgrade your membership .

Privacy and security is very important when you use this app and face any problem  a dedicated team 24hrs quality and safety is waiting to help in solving the issue fastly.

a lot of users seeking the same as you , you can use the app filter to find specific person you want , search by name age,gender or same tastes as you.

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