Top 5 SEO tips to increase your website visitors


For those who already have written a blog posts and they are ready to share it with the public. Now, all you have to do is cut it and paste it into the back-end of your website and then increase your website visitors, is not it? Not so fast! Always make sure you optimize your blog before publishing it.But how ?

At Try SEO , we love content marketing. We like to work with our customers to produce high quality products that their targeted market finds interesting and informative. However, we also want to make sure that their target market can find their blogs, click on them and stay enough time on them to see what other types of content there are on the site.

We have put in place five simple SEO steps for you to follow in addition to (Increasing organic traffic). The basic idea of ​​SEO is to bring your high quality content to the right audience and get them to engage with that content. There is no artifice, but a certain element of finesse. Without further ado, here are five SEO tips for your next blog post.

Create an engaging title

We are not demolishing the proven titles that start with “How to …” or “What to do …” We think these titles have their place especially when they challenge the public. Content marketing does not mean you have to find the most dramatic and creative titles. In fact, it simply means that the title must be engaging. If your customers want to know how a particular service works or why they should consider product A versus product B – use it in the title!

Include one to two keywords

No more fodder time for keywords. A better strategy is to focus on optimizing a blog post or web page based on a single term. Other relevant key terms will naturally be found in the text if it is well written.

In addition, we recommend incorporating keywords or phrases into your titles. However, if the title seems too artificial, it is acceptable to delete them – but you should consider including them in at least some blog posts. Remember that search engines put keywords in bold in their results.

Add a high quality photo

A visual element added to a blog not only decomposes the text of a page, but also supports the ideas and ideas presented in the blog. Make sure you choose a high quality image related to the blog topic. Remember that even if the images do not appear in the search engine results, they appear with messages on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you want people to read your blog posts, be sure to include a photo.

Links to relevant articles or web pages

If you have a content marketing strategy for a few months or more, you probably have a range of blogs on your website. However, it is unlikely that a user will search all the articles in your blog to read the relevant articles. Make it easy for them by providing links to other relevant articles. We typically aim to include about three links in each blog post. Offering internal links is important for SEO for several reasons. This builds a network of similar pages on your website, increases your visitors’ time on the site, and increases the number of page views of each visitor.

When creating a link to other articles, always ask yourself if the article is relevant and provides some value. Do not just create links to random articles, because it will not bring much value to the reader and he will probably avoid clicking on other links if he thinks it’s spam .

Write an attractive meta description

Whether you’re writing a meta-description for your blog post or not, a meta-description always appears in the search results. Is not it better to control what this description says?

Earlier, we mentioned that the search terms are in bold on the results page. For this reason, we INSIST on the inclusion of key terms in the meta descriptions of blogs. It’s not advice, it’s a best practice. If your article is well written, it is child’s play to write an attractive meta description that engages the reader and invites him to click on the blog post.

Make sure your meta description includes a key term and is engaging. Ask your customers a common question, and then start giving them an answer. This is your two-line pitch to get your target audience to click on your blog post.

Here you have: five simple SEO tips for your next blog post. Leave comment or any other Questions about search engine optimization and how it fits into your marketing strategy .