Nexus 5 more alive than ever thanks to a port of Android 9 Pie

Nexus 5 more alive than ever thanks to a port of Android 9 Pie

Nexus 5 eternal immortal for the many developers of XDA who are continuing to keep the modding scene alive, after Google has stopped the official support. So ready to brush up your Nexus 5 from the drawer: the XDA community has succeeded in the enterprise to realize afunctioning porting of Android 9 Pie , for this device now dated, but still able to return operating with the latest version of the system Google operating system.

Nexus 5 more alive than ever thanks to a port of Android 9 Pie

Specifically, it is a custom ROM based on AOSP called ” Nexus 5 AOSP 9.0.0 r3 Pie “, with which you can try some of the news of the latest Android distribution, including security patches updated to August 2018 . Being a ROM still in alpha version , there are several technical aspects that do not work, such as Wi-Fi, audio and camera. It is hoped that the following development steps can make the ROM suitable for a stable and daily use.

At the moment telephone calls work (even if the developer claims not to be able to perform any tests), Bluetooth and MTP for file transfer. The development promises to be still long, but for the nostalgia of this terminal will certainly be an opportunity to bring back to life one of the most appreciated Nexus ever.

For more information, we leave you to the complete thread on XDA where you can also find a complete installation guide, remembering that these are operations aimed at expert users.

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