Building High quality backlinks, SEO Trends in 2018


Backlinks are like water, in other words quality links are rare and expensive, rotten links are cheap and plentiful .backlinks have always been a major factor in the ranking of sites on Google.But creating links must be done in a “scientific” way  so as not to have the opposite effect, because in this area too, it is the quality that takes precedence over the quantity.

I’m going to make you a confidence, it’s been several years now that I do SEO audits , and every time I get to the phase of the analysis of links , I come across the same result:

  • Either the person does not have any quality links to his site , typical case of new sites.
  • Either they come from the same category of sites: directories .

I have nothing against directories, I have several, the problem is that the first rule to know when we want to create backlinks is to adopt / simulate a natural behavior.

In broad outline, this consists in diversifying the sources of links , the anchors (the text of the link) and the cadence (it is very suspicious to have 100 links in one week then nothing for months)

It should be remembered that Google does not want you to create these backlinks yourself and prefer that it be done naturally by people who appreciate your content. But what to do when we are unknown and we do not have the budget of a big brand to make known?

So it’s the race of the cat and the mouse, between Google and the SEO experts, which is why it is highly recommended to use an SEO specialist to avoid a penalty and an exclusion of our favorite search engine .

After this introduction, I suggest you discover more than 70 techniques to get backlinks on the internet . And if you have other techniques, do not hesitate to propose them in the comments because remember, knowledge has no meaning if we do not share it .

A rain of backlinks thanks to the link bait

Link bainting is a powerful netlinking technique provided it is applied in the right way.Concretely, this consists in creating a content (often an article but not exclusively) exceptional in order to obtain links naturally.And This is the method recommended by Google webmasters.

1-Post blog posts regularly

Do you think this advice is banal?

Yet it is one of the most effective SEO techniques. Regularly posting high value blog posts can only bring you a lot of links.In addition, you become a reference, and believe me not worth a crazy talent, just see how many sites that apply this method have prevailed despite the fact that the quality is not always the appointment.So, you passionate about web writing, take your courage with both hands and write a blog post a day!

2-Keep your blog up to date

First, Google likes the cool, this will automatically   improve  your SEO . Moreover it is more interesting for your readers.

Sometimes just change the title of ( my tips for 2016 ) by ( my advice for 2017 ) and add a small paragraph or two so that your article becomes relevant again.

Curators are always looking for novelty, your article will have a lot of luck to be shared, ditto for backlinks that can only multiply.

3-Create useful lists for readers

Writing articles in the form of lists means choosing the most pleasant form to read.

Remember that people are overwhelmed by a continuous flow of information, especially since on the internet, especially after a long day of work, we are in lazy mode see half disconnected.

The lists are easier to read , by relying on this format you will have more readers, more shares and probably more links in return.


This is probably the simplest and most efficient technique, that’s why it is used massively including by our dear mainstream media.

Indeed it is to choose a very attractive title , so incredible and unexpected, that it does not leave you the choice to click to read the article in question.

I’m not talking about a title like this (10 secret techniques to succeed your blog, or 100 way to get backlinks) no, titles are often formulated this way ( I got 100’000 hits in three month with this simple technique ) the more it’s exaggerated the better.

The problem is that in general the more you use this less it is effective, because in the end people eventually capture the thing and no longer pay attention to these false promises.

Create a few things against a backlink

1-Design a typo and offer it for free for download

You do not have to be a professional typographer, there are free tools that allow you to do this with ease. Once this is done it is enough to offer this typo for free download on sites.

2-Create and distribute an infographic on social networks

As for typography, online software to create your computer graphics, you just have to choose the subject and produce something useful and interesting.

You can then contact your blogger friends to suggest using this infographic against a link to your article.

3-Create a free plugins for WordPress

If you know how to code, you can easily create a small plugins for WordPress and offer it for free for download on the reference sites, so you can add a link to your site.

And contrary to what we think, it usually only takes a few hours of work (unless you want to create a gas plant) which is not the goal here.

It’s not just WordPress in life, so you can create plugins for other CMS. Rest assured Joomla and Drupal also have millions of users.

4-Submit a free template

This could be a theme for WordPress or another CMS. You do not have to be a great designer, there are Builder (template builder) and totally free frameworks. And if you manage to create something very beautiful you can even sell them on the biggest marketplaces.

5-Write a white paper

A fairly common practice among marketing bloggers, it can be adopted by anyone. Just create a small pdf book of ten pages and distribute it on one of the multiple platforms that refer to free books. So you can easily put links to your site from your author page.

Get a backlink in return for a service

For those who remember the beginning of the web, self-help was probably one of the pillars of the great success of the internet. And if things are a little different today, some have kept this old reflex to help those who ask for it. If moreover you get a link, it’s all good.

1-Create a website for a charity

You are webdesigner? Charity does it speak to you? Help a local association by creating a small website for fundraising. So you can add a link to your website from the partners or sponsors page (the link from the footer is not recommended) In addition to WordPress, it’s just a day or two of work, and then it’s for the good cause.

2-Recycle old open source scripts

On the internet everything is free or almost, so you can create a useful tool and offer it to webmasters. But as always, there are tips, just search. No need to spend hours coding, you can freely use open source scripts legally. Take a look !

3-Help bloggers in trouble

Bloggers are almost all on WordPress, but very few know how to code. Just browse the Facebook groups to see it. The good news is that the solution usually comes down to three pieces of code. Emphasize your knowledge in HTML and CSS against a little backlink.

4-Redesign the site of your municipality

the sites of the communes are rotten, it is not a novelty. Based on old technologies, they have become obsolete. Yet for the ninjas that we are these sites are a real treasure, and for good reason they often enjoy a crazy trust. You can therefore propose to redesign the site for free and to add your links.

5-Offer a logo

You are a graphic designer? You can target websites in a theme close to yours by offering them a free logo against a small link in the partner section. And if you’re bad at design, you can still apply this technique by delegating the creation of the logo on Fiverr for only $ 5.

6-Participate in graphic design competitions

Often, brands offer design competitions to highlight their new products, besides celebrity, if you win this contest you will often be entitled to a backlink to your portfolio. Needless to say, the impact will be phenomenal.

7-Help people on the discussion forums

The forums are often very moderate, otherwise the spammers take the power. To have quality links, you have to be cunning. Start by creating an account on a self-help forum (from your industry) and try to participate daily by helping whoever asks for it. You will sooner or later have the opportunity to put a nice link.

Netlinking through partnership and networking

1-The guest blogging at a friend’s house

Many bloggers offer the opportunity to do a Guest-post . Of course it is much simpler to accept if you have already discussed with the person in the past.So be active on the web and do not hesitate to build links.

2-Write an article for an online media

It’s like the previous technique except that this time you will publish your article on a collaborative platform. Example of sites accepting the publication of guest articles:  the computer world

3-Make Sponsoring

Many events, especially at the local level allow you to have a link against a small financial contribution. Enjoy!

4-Leave a testimony

You have discovered a new tool online, contact the publisher and offer him to leave a testimonial, prefer startups who rarely refuse this kind of proposal

5-Contact your supplier

Do you have a supplier? do not hesitate to ask him to mention you as a customer reference, it does not cost anything and yet it is effective

6-Contact your customers

If they are satisfied with your services, they will not hesitate a single second to offer you a small link. Try, you will see that it works

7-Participate in the debates of the blogosphere

Leave a comment on the most popular blogs (related to your sector) so you can have links to your profile or website

8-Join the discussion forums

Many forums give you the right to put a link in your signature, but you have to reach a certain rank to access this privilege. Be patient, contribute regularly to earn your backlink.

9-Practice link exchange

Use tools like Buzzsumo or Twitter to know the influential bloggers, you just have to contact them to offer them an exchange of links.Reciprocal links are not recommended, opt for a triangular exchange ( A to Band B to C ) .

To be referenced on thematic platforms

1-Add your portfolio on Behance

Behance is a reference platform for creative people. you can upload your latest achievements as a portfolio and get a link to your site.

2-Post your creations on dribbble

Still a platform that brings together the best graphic creations of the world. But no one forbids you to send your latest creations even if they are not worth it, the goal here is to get this famous backlink.

3-Create a portfolio on the blogduwebdesign

On this site dedicated to graphics and webdesign, you have the opportunity to create a personal page in the subdomain and to distribute articles related to this theme. You can therefore freely add links to your websites.

4-Deviantart, another platform dedicated to graphic design

On this site we find icons and graphic creations. Here too you can add your creation and place links to your site. You can even sell your creations. The site has thousands of active members. There is therefore potentially traffic to your portfolio.

5-Register on the site

If you are a photographer, pro or amateur, you can sell your shots on this marketplace. You can also have your own page with all the information about you, including a link to your site, for a small subscription. A very popular site that could bring you a lot of traffic, especially if you have the chance to appear in the list of photographers put forward.

6-Post your photos

The site is paid but allows you among others to sell your photos, you have of course a link to your site or portfolio

7-Post a presentation

Many sites like slideshare offers you the possibility to broadcast your presentations for free. Enjoy it all the more because you do not have to produce 50 slides to be published.