New Invention To Prevent Smartphone Battery Explosion

New Invention To Prevent Smartphone Battery Explosion

We’ve noticed a lot of Smartphone Battery Explosion in recent years when overworked.

To reduce this phenomenon of explosion and not to endanger the users , a team of researchers found a solution for smartphone battery explosion . They have developed a new battery based on lithium-ion . Thanks to this invention the problem should be very largely solved.

Why do smartphone batteries explode?

According to Digital Trends teams , the cause of smartphone Battery explosions is often due to battery overcharging . Indeed, people often tend to charge their phone too long or charge it while the battery is not fully consumed. As a result, mini crystals called dendrites will create a short circuit on the battery . This is what causes an explosion .

How are the new smartphone batteries going to come?

To do this, researchers in charge of the project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory found a solution: “In a lithium-ion battery , a thin piece of plastic separates the two electrodes,”  says Gabrielle Veith. According to him: “If the battery is damaged and that the plastic layer crumbles, the electrodes may come into contact and cause the fire to the electrolyte liquid of the battery “. The most logical solution for smart phone batteries not to ignite is to create an electrolyte flammable. The teams made sure that the solution will solidify in case of contact between the two parties. Of course, if the electrodes do not come in contact, nothing will be triggered.

For the moment, this innovation is only used on drones operating with a battery as well as in the military domain. Researchers are not against integrating their innovation into devices for the public.

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