Snapchat Latest Update:Fight against fake news and a New interface

Snapchat Latest Update : Fight against fake news and a New interface

While Facebook and Instagram have been copying Snapchat features for a while now, after the Snapchat Latest Update,the ephemeral mobile email app wants to make a difference with a new interface that separates “social” and “media”. An anti-fake news effort aimed at boosting the growth of the company.

Difficulty recruiting new members, disappointing quarterly results, flop of spectacles, declining stock value, looting of its features by Facebook and Instagram, the least we can say is that we must not really do the party right now at Snapchat.

At the beginning of November, we told you that the ephemeral mobile e-mail application planned to revamp. The launch of the new Snapchat was scheduled for December 4, but the company finally decided to speed things up. The update will be deployed this week, so Snapchat has presented Wednesday, November 29, its new interface, supposed to enable it to differentiate itself from imitators and especially to attract new members.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, says: “Social media are powered by fake news because content designed to be shared by friends is not necessarily designed to deliver reliable information ” . With a sentence that sounds like a tackle to his rivals, Spiegel adds: “Snapchat started as a social media loophole, where people could send photos and videos to their friends without the pressure of” likes, “comments.

Thus, Snapchat in its latest update decided to bet on the fight against the fake news to distinguish itself. The new version of the application will indeed have great novelty to “separate the social media” . This means that content shared by your friends will now be separated from media, brands or influencers.

In concrete terms, you will always come to the camera function when you launch the application, but you will now have to slide your finger to the left to see the accounts and stories of your friends and a slide to the right to access “Discover” , where you will find the content of publishers, stories etc .

Note also that to add to the seriousness of the approach, Spiegel states that the curation of content is hand-made by its employees, a pledge of quality for the boss of Snapchat.

Machine learning

Algorithms of machine learning will come in reinforcement to put forward contents according to the interests of the snapchat user. However, user subscriptions will be placed at the top of the list, before the recommended content. The operation is a bit similar to the “social” side , the friends you are most likely to want to talk to will be shown first.

The Snapchat’s algorithm will  place your friends in the order you would like to talk to them. The Snapchat’s newly added algorithm will also manage the DIscover content for users to prioritize the stuff that user like to watch. Your actions such as which post you like or which friend’s post you have shared and commented and frequent actions will help the Snapchat to determine what you will like to see the most.

How to use Snapchat Latest Update with the new interface ?

  • No More Story Pages:Now the user’s personal chat and the friend’s stories will be on a single page ‘Friends’. As usual, the app will open in the camera, but the swiping left will take you to the ‘Friends’ page showing stories and the swiping right will open the Discover. 
  • Auto Advance is Back and SnapMap Comes in Front:New feature that ques the story one after another while you are watching them. The feature will ask you to play the next story from your friends and you can keep going just by tapping.
  • Algorithm for More Personalized Stuff:A new algorithm to the snapchat platform that will read your activities to serve you the best.

Will all this allow society to get out of the water? This is what we will see, but in any case, Snapchat marks a point in the fight against fake news, and we hope that Facebook will copy again on its rival .

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