5 steps to implement a Social Media Marketing strategy


When venturing into social media marketing , it’s important to establish a strategy: going head-to-head while signing up everywhere is the best way to fail.To establish a successful strategy, here are the 5 essential steps for setting up an effective Social Media Marketing strategy .


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat … It’s not social networks that are missing! However, each of them is unique with its own style and audience.

It is essential to know your target and how to communicate to choose the appropriate platforms for your SMM(Social Media Marketing) strategy. Your selection should also take into your goals, as well as the formats that your company can produce.

A very visual sector will have to turn more to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. But if you publish more expert content, bet on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


After choosing the social networks that perfectly match your project, you must complete your profiles. A step that seems simple, but that is still strategic, because it will reveal your professionalism .

You must ensure that everything is up to date (profile photo, cover photo , bio, profile information, link etc…).

Comprehensive profiles, with a similar graphic charter, send a coherent image of your brand: it’s reassuring for Internet users (your future prospects!)


How will you manage your company’s personality on social networks? Depending on the platform chosen, you can opt for a very formal tone, a friendly language, a fun prose …

It will depend on the image you want to send back and your target, of course. To define the most suitable tone for your activity, ask yourself the following questions:

1-What is the personality of your brand?
2-What is its relationship with customers?
3-Does it have similarities with other brands?
4-What image would you like to offer to your customers?


It’s time to think about its editorial strategy. What will you post as content on your social networks? At what frequency ?The answers to these questions will depend on your production capacity. You will have the choice between:

  • Images
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Articles.

Depending on your activity and skills, you will be able to produce more content.

However, if you absolutely want to produce more articles or videos, for example, you have the option to outsource content creation .

In terms of the publication frequency, you will have to stick to a certain regularity, while respecting the life of the post.

For example :

On Twitter: The average life of a tweet is 4 hours. It is advisable to post between 2 and 3 times a day.
On Facebook: when you post a new post, the previous one goes into oblivion. Limit yourself to 3-4 publications per week.
On Instagram: same rule as on Facebook.
On LinkedIn: posts cannibalize between them. You will be able to post 2 per day if you have enough material.


From the start of your SMM(Social Media Marketing) strategy , you will see benefits. Positive or negative, it does not matter, they must be the subject of a precise analysis.

The goal is to refine your strategy by adopting the formats that work the best, the most effective publication frequency and focusing your efforts on the best performing channel.

As you go along, your Community Management will be more and more effective and you will reach your goals more easily!