Official video :Street of Rage 4 The historic brawler Sega will return

Street of Rage 4 announced

Street of Rage 4 is a franchise that should be well known to long-standing gamers: in fact, it contains three fighting games made by Sega between 1992 and 1994 that were able to carve out their own space in video game history. The brand returns to relive 24 years after the first chapter available for Sega Mega drive: the fourth episode will take place .

Considered who will carry on the project, it is safe to assume that it will not be a simple operation nostalgia: the official trailer was published by Dotemu , which was responsible, among other things, the excellent remake of Wonder Boy III , Wonder Boy : The Dragon’s Trap ; to collaborate also Lizard Cube (also previously involved in Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap ) and Guard Crush Games (developer of Street of Fury ).

Street of Rage 4 announced

In the official video it is possible to identify two of the historical protagonists of the saga, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding – the third character, Adam Hunter , has not yet been shown. The game play is typical of the side scrolls, while the graphic sector seems to exhibit the same approach used by Dotemu with the remake of Wonder Boy III: original sprites and backgrounds have been replaced by hand-made designs.

The release date of Street of Rage 4 has not yet been announced ; fans will have to be content with the movie that shows a few, short, sequences of play:


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