Trivia Crack 2 : What it is and How to Start Playing


Do you like Trivial style quiz games? Well, here you are. Questioned 2, the second part of the famous Etermax title

Do you remember the mythical Apalabrados? The developer Etermax jumped to stardom for that adaptation of Scrabble to mobile games; enriched with the always welcome online multiplayer mode. Not content with that Etermax adapted the Trivial to smartphones while maintaining the same style of Apalabrados; without breaking his head too much as he asked. Well, we already have part two. From the question game, not the word game …

Update: Trivia Crack 2 is now available worldwide, so you can download it without problems from the Google Play Store.

Questioned 2 is basically the same as Questioned: mechanics of answering questions, PvP, confrontations with friends or random … Although there are novelties since this new game of questions allows the creation of groups or clans.

Trivia Crack 2 opens with teams of players, exchange of items, crowns to level up .
I could have gone through a simple update of Questioned, but in Etermax they decided to make a new game in order to achieve more users and, therefore, greater income thanks to purchases within the application. The mechanics are identical, as we said: if you played the first one, you will be ready to enjoy the second one. Even the music is similar and recognizable as soon as the new game starts.

Ok, everything is more or less identical. So what has changed? The newest thing is that now we can create teams to compete in the rankings in order to discover who are the ones who know the most. Various characters have also been added that we can get depending on the questions. And another interesting novelty is the crowns: complete them by answering the questions of a run and you can level up.

Asked 2 raises battles based on questions between two players. The battles work in turns: both contestants respond separately to exchange their shifts to discover who wins. The questions are not too complicated and all are divided into six different themes: entertainment, art, sports, history, science and geography.

This quiz game for Android is very fun and competitive: just install it to get hooked without remedy. As freemium games use, Question 2 offers free download and a multitude of unlockable objects through the box. These objects provide some advantage over the user without being essential to win the games.

Download Already Trivia Crack 2

Questions 2 is the continuation of the Trivial adapted by Etermax. It is in Spanish, all questions are in this language and you can download it directly from the Google Play or App Store for iPhone’s.