WhatsApp will allow you to send money with Calibra, the new Facebook wallet – cryptocurrency


Facebook is finalizing plans for the launch of its new cryptocurrency, Libra. And you will have a purse compatible with WhatsApp and Messenger: Calibra. Facebook plans do not focus on social networks or messaging, but on unifying all your apps and accesses to offer value-added services. The data of use are succulent, but so are the monetary transactions. Because, what if Facebook managed a portfolio with its own currency enabling the sending of money in WhatsApp and Messenger?

This is the new virtual currency of Facebook We knew that Facebook was developing its own cryptocurrency; And just this week we got to know the name: it will be called Libra and it will be supported by authentic currencies as well as by banks. Today we have known what your wallet application will be: Calibra. It will reach the future and will allow not only to manage the Pound, but also to carry out all types of transactions using the wallet and also the Facebook applications.

Calibra is a wallet application that will manage the virtual currency and also the equivalence in real currencies Although Libra is a cryptocurrency, Facebook seeks to ensure its value and reputation by partnering with companies and financiers to support the project. It is based on Blockchain and will use the virtual wallet that we mentioned: the brand new Calibra.

Calibra is a wallet or purse application that will allow the management of the cryptocurrency as well as knowing the equivalence in real currency. It will be a valid application for Android and also for iOS; with a verification and security system that guarantees transactions and authorized users.

With Calibra you will be able to send money to the whole world reducing the commissions and with immediacy in the transfer. It will be possible to use the virtual wallet itself or perform the transactions using WhatsApp (or Messenger). In this way the sending of money through the famous messaging application would be global and would not be limited to India, the only country that allows the sending of money through WhatsApp. Of course, in India real money is sent, not a cryptocurrency.

You can read all the information of Calibra, the Libra cryptocurrency and the compatibility of sending money between WhatsApp and other applications on the website that has enabled Facebook. The virtual currency is not yet available, but you can show your interest by pointing to your mailing list. Yes, despite the support of banks and financial Libra does not stop being a cryptocurrency, with the doubts that it arouses. It will be available in 2020.